Polka Dot Party

Polka Dot -6yr- Dotted Table Cover




claytor in Holland,Ohio USA


January 2005



Polka Dot Birthday- (girls 6th birthday)

We took white card stock and printed out all the information needed, then attached to a polka dot paper (cut to postcard size).  And asked each girl to wear their best polka dot clothes. And put these into vellum envelopes, that we added colored cicle stickers (like the kind you use for a garage sale tag).

Then I purchased those key tags in assorted colors (at a craft store), along with letter stickers that were placed on each circle (representing each inital of each girl attending).  Along with many different circle stickers used to decorate their string, for a polka dot necklace.

I purchased a polka dot shower curtain at Target, used it as the table cloth. Made cupcakes for each of the girls, and put their initial on them, and colored them different colors. I made 1 8" cake, the rest was used for the cupcakes, and frosted the cake in white, then added vanilla wafers with frosting and colored candy and sugar (to look like polka dots).

Purchased polka dot plates, and napkins.  And solid colored cups.  

Then we played several games, with ballons, such as..carry the ballon on a spoon and put in a bucket, balloon volleyball.  Count the candy in a jar (the candy was hard circles, but you could use lifesavers).

They also decorated their goodies bags, with more polka dot stickers and stuff.  In the bags were lipgloss (in the circle cases), balls, and anything I could find with circles on it (I did find 6 journals at Great party giant). It was a lot of fun.

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