Pocahontas Party

Indian Party 5yr - Indian Message Game




Karla in Davao City, Philippines


February 2008



We just celebrated my 2nd son's 5th birthday 2 weeks ago. He liked playing with bows and arrows I told him that we would do an all indian party.

INVITATION: I made a little teepee which I cut from a brown paper bag and drew indian markings on it using crayons. I printed the detail on  separate sheet of paper and burned the sides to look native and old then glued it on the inside of the teepee.

DECORATIONS: on a manila paper which I cut into 3 equal parts, I drew more indian markings (copied from clipart) using colored chalk and smudged it a bit. I got a bamboo twig and placed it in one corner to hang our giveaways and the headresses. Beside the bamboo twig was also the chair where my son would sit (like a chief) and covered it with batik.

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: when the guests arrived we gave them their headresses and assigned an indian name (brave bear, soaring eagle etc)which later we would use for the raffles. They the went to another table to have their face painted and bodies tattooed (fake tattoos of course). Kids played 4 games.

1)HUNTING SEASON/BULL'S EYE*individual*. This is like pin the tail but we used bow & arrow. Dabbed the arrow in ink and hit the bull on the forehead marked with X (drew face of a bull on manila paper). The one who could hit closest the mark wins.

2) INDIAN MESSAGE*group* (for bigger kids but can also get small kids to participate protecting their messages not to be copied by the other tribe": We assigned signs for each letter & made a message. 1st group to decipher the message wins.

3)RING TOSS*individual*: using ratan rings (the only ones available I could find) one for below 5y.o. the other 6y.o. and above). Kid who gets the most rings on the stick wins.

4)RELAY: kids were grouped into 2. they were to hop all the way the end & back holding a cup filled with water. Group who has the most water left in the glass wins.

COSTUMES: some were dressed like pocahontas other like modern indians in wild west. All had headresses/headbands which I made from cloth. Glued a feather and velcro so it would be easy to adjust.

SNACKS/FOOD: we had roast pig chicken lollies grilled fish barbecue fruits and juices.

CAKE: just made a simple rectangle cake decorated it with earth colors and places indina markings/symbols.

FAVORS: aside from the usual candies and other goodies each child got a dream catcher which we me and my oldest son made from ratan rings colored yarns beads and feathers and glued little star-shaped sequins. We all had fun. Hope yours is too."

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