Pocahontas Party

Pocahontas Pool Party - Husk the Corn




Laura in San Diego, CA, USA


August 2007


Honorable Mention

Pow Wow Pocahontas and Pirate Pool Party.   

1. Safety First. 

2. Please walk, no running. 

3. Never Swim Alone. 

4. If you can't swim, please bring swimming vest. 

5. Please watch your child in pool and jacuzzi. 

6. No lifeguard. 

7. Safety First. 

8. Have fun. 

9. No splashing others in face 

10. Have child make up their own pool rules. 

11. Please review pool rules with children.

BOOKS USED FIR IDEAS AND ACTIVITIES:  1. How to Be a Pirate in 7 Days or Less By Lesley Rees (Michael's Craft store with 40% off coupon in Sunday paper.)  Retail Value: $12.99 and with 40% discount around $9.00   2. Pocahontas by Disney (The Large one with photo pictures). We got for $1 a few years ago at the Library Sunday sale acrossthe street from us in the IKEA/Costco shopping Center. They have a great children's library section and an outside area with waterfalls.  

I read in a magazine article a unique idea for gift opening. I asked all of the parents to let me know about 5 minutes before they left so we could have all of the kids sit in a circle with their present for Joelle and Joelle played Duck Duck Pirate or Indian" and then whoever she picked would go into circle with Joelle and together they would open presents. I loved this concept because the kids really spend time trying to find that special gift for their friend and opening it with them makes them feel proud and special. We didn't'd end the game until all children were chosen and all presents were opened.  

NAMETAGS:  1. Kids signed in with me and chose their pirate name and indian name from a list.  

INDIAN NAME Links Used:  1. Indian Girl Names: http://www.apples4theteacher.com/native-american/names/for-girls.html  2. Indian Boy Names: http://www.apples4theteacher.com/native-american/names/for-boys.html  3. Indian Camp Names: http://www.apples4theteacher.com/native-american/names/for-camps.html  4. Teacher Activity Ideas: http://www.apples4theteacher.com/index.html  

PIRATE NAME Links Used:  1. Pirate Names: http://www.sevenoceans.com/Pirates/PiratesbyName.htm  2. International Tallk Like a Pirate Link: http://www.talklikeapirate.com/howto.html#advanced   * The kids were also great at making up some of their own Pirate and Indian names.  

OPENING CEREMONY:  1. The kids sat in a circle and I had on an Indian Headpiece and taught about Native American Indian culture and showed the kids the following:   A. Dream Catcher  B. My old wooden lacrosse stick seeing the Indians started lacrosse.  C. Plus Eagle  D. Weaved mats  E. Baskets  F. Real Corn  

GAMES: (Of Course my favorite was the lacrosse) and we did not have time to play all of the games. The games we played have ****** by its name.  

1. WHO CAN THROW THE FARTHEST LACROSSe BALL? ******  I showed the kids how to cradle lacrosse stick throw ball and follow through. As a party favor I got at the Dollar Tree for $1 each was a lacrosse stick and ball. The kids through the lacrosse ball 3 times and then ran to the real treasure Box (IKEA playbox $12.99) to pick out party favor Pirate Telescopes (Dollar Tree - 3 for $1) needed for Scavenger hunt.  

2. PIN YOUR DREAM ON THE GRANDMOTHER WILLOW TREE ******  Kids wrote down their Dreams "MY Dream is.." on green leaves I got at Lakeshore Teaching Store. www.lakeshorelearning.com and I had a friend who removes trees for a living and gave me for free 2 logs and tree stump that looked like the Grandmother Willow Tree from Pocahontas. I read aloud the pages in Pocahontas book about Grandmother Willow's wisdom and then all of the kids one by one read out their dream and taped to tree.   Each child picked out a compass (From Dollar Tree / packs of 6)  from treasure box for scavenger hunt.  

3. HUSK THE CORN THE QUICKEST ******  Every kid was given real corn to husk and told about the corn silk.   Each child chose a Dream Catcher (from Dollar Tree) out of Treasure Box.  

4. PIRATE AND INDIAN PARADE TO PICK OUT ROCK AND STICK ******  We went on a walk around our Archstone property right outside pool area and kids found their own rocks and sticks. We didn't have time to paint the rocks and the idea was for the kids to paint Indian signs on rocks.  

5. ROAST MARSHMALLOWS IN A CIRCLE USING TWIGS  We have a toy marshmallow roasting fire thing we use for camping. It is electrical so we used our imagination and each kid put their marshmallow on their twig and placed in the fire toy and ate the marshmallow.  

6. BUTTERFLY RELEASE ******  Joelle had a real Painted Lady butterfly that hatched on her birthday from crystalis and she released with kids. All of the kids made a wish on butterfly and watched it soar into the air.  

7. PINATA******  Filled with a few things from Dollar Tree like coins and play money.  

8. Tepee Tag: Indians vs. Pirates  

9. Musical Weave mats  

10. Story telling in ceremony circle using rock.  

11. Scavenger Hunt: Map compass telescope turquoise rocks bead necklaces gold coins etc.  * Used for Joelle's YMCA Summer Camp Pirates Day  

12. Spin the Bottle  

13. Colors of the Wind (from Pocahontas)  

14. Tug of War - Pirates vs. Indians  

15. Trade Prize Game  

16. Bow and Arrow - Who can shoot the farthest game  

1. MAKE YOUR OWN INDIAN HEADPIECE ******  I had pre-cut using foam paper and hole puncher indian headpieces with feathers. Kids and parents had to attach the string and beads. Foam paper sold in 11x17 pack of 10 pieces for $7.99 at Michael's Craft Store and use 40% off coupon in Sunday newspaper.  





6. MAKE YOUR OWN PIRATE HAT ****** (Used at YMCA Pirate Day Party)  

7. MAKE YOUR OWN PORT HOLE OUT OF FOAM PAPER ***** (Used at YMCA Pirate Day Party)  



1. Lacrosse Stick and Ball ($1) Dollar Tree 

2. Dream Catcher ($1) Dollar Tree 

3. Telescope (3 for $1) Dollar Tree 

4. Compass (6 for $1) Dollar Tree 

5. Beaded Necklaces 

6. Plastic Pirate toy (Dollar Tree)  

Many Blessings  Laura and Joelle   www.reachingforsomeday.vpweb.com  www.cookielee.biz/lauradavis1  www.cookielee.com  

RESOURCES FOR EVENT PLANNING: Most websites you can sign up for free catalog  
1. www.birthdaypartyideas.com 
2. Dollar Tree Store www.dollartree.com   Store Locator in your area on website
3. Oriental Trading Company: www.orientaltrading.com  
4. Party City: www.partycity.com 
5. Ebay  
6. LakeShore Teaching Store www.lakeshorelearning.com  
7. Free Business Cards www.vistaprint.com   "

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