Pocahontas Party

Indian Birthday Party 7yr - Necklace Craft




Kim in Ostrander, Ohio, USA


August 2001



Indian Birthday Party  My son requested to have an Indian party for his 7th birthday.  We invited all 18 boys from his class and everyone had a great time and were thrilled with the party favors they made and got to take home with them. 

I hand made teepee invitations. (Take a 8 1/2" x 11") sheet of tan colored paper, cut it into 4 equal pieces.  Then fold the cut pieces on the diagonal to form the teepee shape in the middle of one side cut a small slit and fold back for the teepee door. 

Decorate the outside with Indian designs and write the party information on the inside of the card.  As each child arrived we painted everyone's face with "war paint" (face paint). 

For entertainment and party favors, we made headbands using strips of construction paper I pre-cut the kids decorated w/markers and we taped store bought feathers to them.  We also make necklaces with multicolored plastic beads and rawhide string.   

The game the kids liked the most was when we took little donuts, suspended them with string from our tree in the backyard and the raced to see who could eat theirs the fastest (WITHOUT using their hands). 

The cake was decorated using plastic Indians, horses, teepees, etc from his cowboy and Indian playset.

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