Pocahontas Party

Pocahontas Birthday 5yr - Trading Game




debbie in Boerne, Texas


Feb. 2004



Pocahontas Birthday-5yr. Old  For my daughter's fifth birthday, we had  a Pocahontas party. 

I made costumes for each of my three children to be dressed like Indians, fringed & beaded. 

Invitations were a color copy of my daughter's favorite page from the book.  I printed party information on a piece of velum and tied it over the color copy with a piece of leather lacing from Wal Mart. Each guest got an indian headband out of braid trim and elastic with feathers in the back. I made the girls a little purse (out of the leftover fabric from the costumes)cutting fringe on the bottom of each purse and stringing beads on every other strand.

The boys received a drawstring pouch with fringe and beads. During the party,my mom sat in a tepee (borrowed from a friend) and painted faces with halloween face paint crayons.

The kids played a trading game (idea borrowed from a friend) in which each child had a bag of goods to trade cardinal feathers, trading beads, turquoise beads (blue straws cut into 1 inch lengths), gold dust (gold glitter), cheetah pelts (felt cut into an animal shape), snake skins (snake print felt, cut into snake shapes), silver bells, bit o' honey candy, magic beans (jelly beans), anything I could find really and make it work. 

I also made each guest a headband with an elastic strap and 2 feathers sticking up in the back. Then everyone got a leather string to string their beads collected during trading and made their own indian necklace.

 For Thank yous, I had pictures of my daughter in her dress in front of the tepee, used photo tape to tape it to craft paper and wrote the message on the back.  It was a great party!

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