Pocahontas Party

Indian Pow Wow 5yr - Indian Teepee




Melissa in Flowery Branch, Ga.


Nov 2003



For my son's 5th birthday we had an Indian PowWow. 

For invitations I made Tepee's out of card stock and decorated them with Indian stickers and stamps.

For decorations I made a Tepee out of old sheets dyed tan and PVC piping. 

For each child's gift bag, I made quivers out of pringles cans, covered them with brown paper and decorated them with the same stamps and stickers, put a hole in the bottom and put a piece of rawhide as a strap.  I filled them with candy, toys and feathers.  When each child arrived we painted their faces with was apint and gave them each  a head band.

For games we had three Indian test they had to complete to earn their feathers. 

1) For bravery: They had to ride a rocking horse and throw three bean bag fish at the mouth of the ferocious bear, ( a big stuffed teddy bear) 

2) Skill: Shoot the bow and arrow at the target of hay  

3) Endurance: We made a canoe out of a big box and two children at a time had to race it over the rapids ( down the yard and around the tree and back)

After this they gathered at the tepee to receive their feathers and smoke the peace pipe (bubble pipes) and then we all did a rain dance  (dad put the sprinkler on the roof and turned it on them so they thought it was raining)

We finished with presents and cake and icecream.  All they kids had so much fun and asked their moms if they could have an Indian PowWow like stephen next year.

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