Pocahontas Party

Pocahontas Party 7yr - Indian Fry Bread




Didi in Escondido, CA


April 2005


Honorable Mention

Pocahontas Party for 7 year olds.  My daughter wanted a Pocahontas birthday party and after seaching around, I learned that I needed to do a lot of creating.  So, for those of you looking for ideas, I would love to share those that worked for our party. 

For invitations, I made tepees out of brown paper lunch bags.  The tepees opened up and on the inside had all the information about the party.  I used stamps to decorate the outside of the tepee and small strips of brown construction paper for the sticks at the top of the tepee.  I also found a picture of pocahontus on the computer and glued that to the front of the tepee. At the party, we braided the girls hair and added feathers to their hair. 

The boys were given a headband with feathers on it.  I made the headband out of brown fun foam and attached brads at either end with a rubberband for different sized heads.  I added decorations to the headband and glued colorful feathers (from Michaels).  We also painted their faces with two stipes on each side.  The boys and girls were transformed into Indians.  

For crafts the kids got to choose from three different craft ideas that I found.  They could make an Indian necklace (glass beads from Michaels), a fun foam Totem Pole (from Oriental Trading Company) or a leather pouch with a bear claw (from The WonderingBull.com).  The boys and girls loved the crafts because they were different and added to their already decorated selves.

For games we played an Indian hand game.  The children paired off and I gave them each a rock.  The Indian game was for one person to hide the rock in their hand and the other child was to guess what hand it was in.  Each time they guessed right, they got a candy. We also played cowboy and Indians.  With a tepee I borrowed from a friend ( this tepee made for some great pictures), one person was the cowboy (and wore a Cowboy hat) and chased the others who were Indians.  The cowboy had two minutes to chase and catch as many Indians possible.  Once caught, the Indians had to go into the tepee. 

Everyone had a chance to be a cowboy and it was a lot of fun. Our last game was an educational game.  I taught the boys and girls about tepees, moccassins, headdresses, Indian Fry bread (we even ate some), and etc.  I gave each boy and girl a book (that I made out of paper on the computer) that had a sentence on each page about one thing we learned.  I then hid buckets all over our yard.  In each bucket was a picture of what we learned about. 

For example on one page of the book, it said, "Indians wore moccassins to keep their feet warm."  The children were to go and find that bucket with the moccassin pictures (downloaded from the computer) and glue one onto the page with the words that matched.  In the end, the children had a full book of sentences and pictures about Indians and how they lived.  They loved this activity.

For the cake, I got a miniture size tepee (a kit from Michaels) and had a store make a cake that had a river and plastic trees , with the tepee next to the river and trees.  

This party was a huge hit for everyone!!  It was suppose to be a 3 1/2 hour party, but people didn't leave for much longer than that.  Everyone was having so much fun!!  There was something for everyone at this party!! For thank yous, I used the leftover feathers and made a headband (with brown constuction paper) on white cardstock.  My daughter decorated the headband and wrote her. 

Thank yous on the inside of the card.  Very cute and colorful and I didn't have to purchase anything extra for these cards.

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