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Theater Acting Party

Hollywood Premier -10yr- Lights, Camera, Action




Kim in Amherstview, Ontario, Canada


October 2007


Special Mention

Lights, Camera, Action!!! This year for my daughters 10th birthday she wanted a Hollywood movie theme. 

First, the invitations.. I started with an old movie camerea picture I copied and pasted from the internet and below I typed the following in Monotype Corsiva ..Lights, Camera, Action It's (Name) 10th Birthday.  Please join us on the red carpet on  (date and time..mine was 2-6pm) at the (family name) theater located at ( address).  Please RSVP the set directors (parents names) @(telephone number).  The invitations were typed on the computer and printed on white cardstock.  I then used scrapbooking scissors with the ripped look to cut around the wording.  Next, using a piece of  black scrapbooking paper with silver stars cut to the size of a large birthday card I pasted the white cardstock to it.  This allowed about 1 inch of stars to show all around the card.  I sent out the invitations one week in advance. 

The night before the party I set up the theater room in our rec room.  I placed a black curtain at the entrance to the stairs to our rec room.  I decorated the side of stairs with white Christmas lights and walls with movie posters I got free from the video store.  I put black curtains around the TV and set up a concession stand where I had covered a table with a red table cloth and set white Christmas lights around it.  The wall had Computer printed lettering (cut out) on coloured card stock for SNACKS, POPCORN, CANDY & SODA.  Also I bought movie themed cut outs and decorated with black/siver stars and black & red balloons.  For snacks I popped microwave popcorn and used small store bought popcorn boxes, theater boxed candy (dollar store) and canned soda on ice. We rented a funny movie.   

The day of the party I made the Hollywood Hills cake which was three boxes of cake mix.  I used two and ½ in a large sheet cake pan.  I used a loaf pan ½ full for the hill. Once the cake cooled, I placed the loaf on the topleft corner and decorated the ¾ of the cake in green frosting (3 tubs).  The remainder(1 tub) I decorated in blue for water and added gummie whales.  I lined the water with palm trees I made from green fruit rollups (cut to 1 inch strips and then cut in thin strips) and chocolate wafer stick cookies.  Place the strips on top of each other and push gently onto the wafer stick. I made a road with black sprinkles and added a few sporty cars. 

Up on the hill, I used cut out HOLLYWOOD block lettering (use a precision or scrapbooking knife) and glued the letters to toothpicks and stuck them in the cake when dry.  The girls loved it.  I set up a nail salon in my family room with two stations with several colors of polish, q-tips,cotton balls polish remover and nail stickers.  Outside I lined the driveway with a red carpet bought at a party store and borrowed those pole and rope barriers(like in bank lines, sorry I can't think of the name) from my work.  The sign read VIP's ONLY. I printed each girl's name out and glued it to a large gold star (party store) and placed them on the driveway (Walk of Fame) beside the red carpet.    I made a Hollywood BLVD sign with green bristol board and white letters cut from the computer.  I also decorated with signs I bought from a party store that read Hollywood, Awards Night and Party with the stars. 

As each guest arrived I handed them a feather boa and sunglasses.  As they walked the red carpet with crowd applause playing on the cd player (downloaded from limewire) the girls screamed from behind the barrier and I took their picture for the thank you cards.  You could also ask friends or family to act as reporters or fans seeking autographs etc.  Our first activity was a plaster of paris handprint.  You will need a large tub of plaster from Michaels, disposible round tinfoil cake pans and gems from the dollar store.  Write each girls name on the bottom to keep track.  Add on cup of plaster and ½ cup of cold water have the girls stir until smooth.  Tap the pan gently and let sit about 5 mins or more before gently placing their hand in. 

Decorate with gems and let dry.  Move to the salon and let them take turns doing nails.  While the girls are waiting their turn leave out some girl magazines such as J14 or teen Beat.  While they were doing each others nails I made the pizza and decorated the restraunt.  The table was set with a black boa, black plates and plastic forks.  I set out plastic champagne flutes (dollar store).  The black napkins were fan folded and held with a ring pop.  After the girls ate and opened gifts we played games.  The games include a scaventure hunt for picture pieces.  I used a picture of Avril, Zac and Hannah Montana from Teen beat and pasted it to three different colored cardstock.  I then cut it in puzzles pieces(14).  I hid the pieces in my backyard before the party…make sure the birthday girl isn't looking. 

The girls were split in three colored teams and looked for the pieces.  The first to complete their color  puzzle won. We played several games of freeze dance which is always a hit.  They dance until I hit the mute button where they must freeze.  We also played a trivia game which I found trivia questions for the Suite life of Zack and Cody, Life with Derek, Zoey 101, Hannah Montana and that's so Raven.  I placed the questions in a small gift bag and I stood with my back to them and as they handed the bag around the circle I said stop and the girl holding the bag would attempt a question if they lost they were out.  I would suggest harder questions or this game will take a while the girls are big fans of these shows and knew all the answers.  I gave up with 4 left and they all won a prize. 

Finally, they headed to the rec room (movie theater).  This gave me an hour and a half to clean up and relax.  They enjoyed their snacks and the movie.  As the parents arrived, we gave them each a loot bag made to look like shopping bags.  I cut out the lettering for Saks and Bloomingsales and pasted it to each  bag with handles (michaels)and added some stickers.  Inside I added nail polish, bracelets (look for 75-90% off stuff),body wash, perfume samples (Sears, the Bay), lot's candy,lip smackers and stuffed the top with a piece of tissue paper. Don't forget to give them their boas, sunglasses, stars and handprints.  I hope theses ideas help you. The planning and preparing took a while but it was worth it.  Kids are only young for a short time. I love this site and love planning parties. I hope yours will be a blast !!!.

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