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Theater Acting Party

Broadway Sleepover -12yr- Make A Movie




kate in pennsylvania, US


January 2008


Honorable Mention

Lights,Camera,Action! My 11 yr old daughter wanted a awesome" 12th birthday party and this party definatley fits into that catagory! Invitations: We cut out a large square out of black paper and a smaller slim rectangletoo.I used a tab to connect the two together. In other words we were making directors boards. We took a variety of gel pens and wrote down all of the information needed including to DRESS AS A FAMOUS PERSON.

Decorations: We went crazy with decorations! I bought a red carpet from oriental trading company and rolled in out from the entrance of our living room to the other end. At the end of the red carpet We made a hollywood sign out of foam board. We had streamers in almost all of our doorways and hanging from any empty walls.Of course we had plenty of scattered balloons EVERYWHERE! Lastly as the "stars" walked down the red carpetwe had a sterio playin recordings of clapping and cheering(found on limewire.)Arival:as the girls arrived they walked down the red carpet and one by one got their picture taken in front of the hollywood  sign. We sent them up stairs to put their stuff in my daughters bedroomwhere they were sleeping and got them ready to have a super night!

Food:All through the party they had snacks to eat like chips and dipcookies and cupcakes chocolate covered pretzals and things of that sort. For the dinner though we had appetizers like chocolate covered strawberries veggie platesbreadsticks and salad. As a main course we made spegetti. to drink they had pop and sparkling wild berry juice served in plastic wine glasses. For dessert the girls got to make their own sundaes.hmmm!

Games: Well first the girls ate so we set up a spa with 3 stations ran by me and my mother in-law. We had a nail hair and facial station.The hair station was ran by my mother in-lawwhere she gave the girls 5 different hair styles. I ran the nails which included pedicures and manicures. Lastly was a facial station that the girls did themselves.

Next we did a game that the girls really had alot fun with! I had each girl write two talents that are absolutly ridiculous! I put them in a basket and had each girl pick one(one at a time) and do the talent it was acually very funny!I also did a modeling compitition. We had a basket full of random accesories(hatsscarvespursessunglassesect.) Each girl could take any thing from the basket and use it for the show. We had different roundstoo like who can look the craziestthe most random the best over all model and so on.

Our big event turned out so well. We broke the girls into two teams team actress and team model. I gave the girls half an hour to make a movie! We had costumes and props ready for them. But there was a catch! They couldnt make up just any movie we had them pick made up movie titles from a bag and the movie had to match the title.I video taped it so we all watched it and had some good laughs!

Lastly we had an award ceromony(we bought mini trophys from Oriental Trading Company) and gave each girl a special award based on there costume.The girls settled down and watched "mean girls" and made bracelets and had popcorn.Morning: I printed a menu off my computer with a choice of chocolate chip pancakes bagels cinnamon buns or sausage for breakfast and let them eat it in bed. All that morning the girls played games and ran around out side untill their parents picked them up.

Gift Bags: I made special gift bags filled with a teen magazine nail polish pictures from the party lipgloss and a pair of sun glasses.

Thankyous: my daughter typed up a special note for her friends and gave them each a copy of the dvd of the movie they made!"

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