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Hollywood Party -11yr- Who's that Character?




Marley in Canada


January 2007


Honorable Mention

For my daughter Lyla's 11th birthday we had a huge hollywood red carpet theme!

For the invites we sent out 2 sided cards, the front cover with red velvet (to seem like a red carpet) cutting down the middle. In the middle I had photo shopped in a picture of Lyla, and had reporters and photographers on the sides. On the other side I wrote at the top Hollywood extravaganza with a picture of Lyla dressed up in movie star clothing. We wrote all the information about the party where it was, when, and RSVP, and at the bottom of each invitation we wrote something different like: Come dressed as Hannah Montana, Come as Michael Jackson, Dress up as Elvis Presley, Rock Avril Lavigne's style and other things like that.

Once the kids arrived we sent them into the basement where there was pictures of life sized photographers on the walls, on our tv we showed different clips of movies, stars on the floor saying each guests name, and tables set up with snacks like food and chips. We had Lyla hide upstairs. Once all the guests arrived we rolled a 25 metres of red velvet down the stairs (like a red carpet) Lyla walked down dressed as her favourite singer Hannah Montana. She was wearing an outfit similar to Ms. Montana with a blonde wig, styling boots, casual jeans, sunglasses and all. Everyone clapped as she walked down the stairs. We were surprised how creative the guests costumes were.

Our first game was who's that character! Each kid, having been already assigned there characters from the invites, had a turn walking down the red carpet we rolled out early trying to be there character. At the end the first person to guess there character was first to head over to the prize booth and pick up a star sundae. We got a chocolate sundae and sprinkled little stars all over it, when they finished the sundae at the bottom there was a plastic 3D picture of a movie star. The kids all get sundaes afterward.

Next we played Reporters caught the catastrophe! Each person had to act out there most embarassing moment like it was really happening! The kids were laughing hysterically. After that we took them upstairs for there dinner. Because the theme was hollywood we wanted to make them feel like a real star. Each kid started with a tray of sushi rolls served to them and chopsticks. The chopsticks each had a picture of Lyla on them saying Happy 11th birthday!

The dinner course was pizza, the pepperoni was fake. We cut out red construction paper and glued a star onto each one. The pizzas looked hilarious! For the dessert we decided to have cupcake. We had a variety of toppings laid out on the table and each person decorated there cupcake. The challenge was to make a face of a tv character on there cupcake in under 10 minutes! The kids found this one hilarious, we didn't even have a mess to clean up. After that we went back downstairs where an interviewer was sitting (it was actually Lyla's uncle dressed up). He called each kid one by one and asked them hilarious questions. The kids couldn't stop laughing, and no one suspected it was Lyla's uncle, Lyla didn't even know. In the end he revealed himself and Lyla was laughing so hard she couldn't breathe! After that we played season 1 of the OC (we had it from a box set).

The kids all loved the show so it was a blast. Remembering they were stars we had Lyla's brother and father come in as waiters during the movie. Serving them smoothies, hot chocolate, popcorn, chips, truffle boxes and more! After that Lyla's closer friends sleptover. They played truth or dare, and had a fashion show. After that in them of Hollywood they picked who they wish there hollywood boyfriend could be. When the third girl said hers we surprised and showed a clip of him on the wall using a projecter. It looked like he was in the room. The girls face lit up, and they all laughed hysterically. The girls stayed till lunchtime in the morning when they had a tea party, and then they left. We had already given out the giftbags which were the Hannah Montana 1 song cd, Pictures of the guest from the party, snacks, and a hollywood star sunglasses, which we got for 1/2 price. Lyla talked about her party for days and so did all the guest, it was the best party we've ever made.

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