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Movie Star Golden -10yr- Aunt Was Videographer




Tiahnna in Sioux Falls, SD  USA


November 2005


Special Mention

MOVIE STAR GOLDEN BIRTHDAY PARTY   For my Golden Birthday Party (10 on the 10th), my Mom threw me an all-day Movie Star Party. 

INVITATIONS: The invitations had 6 parts, all stapled together.  Each page had various clip-art pictures to better explain the point. 

1st page was a star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame and we put the name of each guest on the star and added "you are invited to a party for the stars". 

2nd page was ACT ONE:  You will arrive at 12:00 pm for a small bite to eat before filming a major motion picture "Cinderella". 

3rd page was ACT TWO:  We must get ready for the big party, YOU ARE GOING TO THE OSCARS, Cinderella was nominated for picture of the YEAR!  Bring some nylons and a pair of dress shoes.  Don't worry about the dress, we'll have that for you. 

4th page was ACT THREE:  You will be chauffered around town before arriving at the Oscar's Party.  What a RIDE!

5th page was ACT FOUR:  What a big day you've had, you filmed a movie and went to the Oscar's.  Now relax with a facial at Madam Fu-Fu's Spa. 

6th page was ACT FIVE:  After your relaxing facial, we'll jump into our jammies and watch a movie before we fall asleep. 

ACT ONE: When the guests arrived (6 total including me and my sister), we all sat around the kitchen table to have "a bit of lunch".  Each place setting had a gold star with the guests name on it.  We ate "golden" mini-corn dogs, GIANT "gold" fish crackers, wheat thins with "golden" spray cheese , "golden" apples, two types of "gold" cubed cheeses, and "golden" white grape juice in plastic champange glasses. 

After we were done eating it was time to film Cinderella.  My Mom was the director.  She wore a director's hat and had a clapboard and a megaphone.  She would yell ACTION and then read the Cinderella story from a book and each guest played out their assigned part.  Mom had me choose which role each girl would play before they got there so we wouldn't have to have any fights over parts.  We had Cinderella, the two step-sisters, the two mice, and the Fairy Godmother.  My aunt played the part of the evil stepmother.  As Mom read the story, if there was a part that said, "and Cinderella said, "  then Cinderella would say that part after the narrator read it.  It ended up being hilarious. 

ACT TWO: After we were done filming Cinderella, we went back to the kitchen table.   It had been transformed into a salon.  Each guest was given their gift bag which was a small makeup purse with a mirror, lipstick, an initial necklace with fake diamonds, big dangly earrings, a comb and a small picture book to put pictures of the party in.  My Mom and one aunt started doing the guests hair into fancy up-dos.  My other aunt started putting makeup on the guests who weren't having their hair fixed.  When everyone's hair was fancy and makeup was done, my two aunts and Mom started glueing on fake fingernails. 

After the fingernails were done, Mom led us down to WARDROBE and had each girl put on a fancy formal that she had picked up at the Goodwill store for $4 a piece.  Each girl looked absolutely beautiful!!  We went out to the family room to take pictures with the other stars that were there.  My Mom had gone out to the Oscar's website and had copied pictures of Beyounce, Charlize Theron, Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet and had blown them up to be life size.  So, we each took turns standing by the big pictures and we had our pictures taken with the stars.  Mom had also bought a big drapery of gold foil that she had hanging over the staircase.  We all stood in front of that and had our pictures taken (separately and together).  Then Mom had us each hold our star in front of us and she took pictures of us separately. 

ACT THREE: Mom had told me that Dad was going to chauffer us around town for awhile so that she could get the house ready for the Oscar's Party.  Mom gave us each a fuzzy black scarf to keep us from getting cold (another gift that the guests got to keep).  So, my friends and I went outside to wait for my Dad.  But, then the biggest surprise of the day happened . . .up rolled a limousine.  We were all jumping up and down and screaming.  My Mom had not told me there would be a limo.  The driver got out and rolled out the red carpet plus he gave me a rose. 

Then we all piled into the limo (my Mom and one aunt came with).  We drove the limo around town and stopped at a Cold Stone's Creamery store.  We walked into Cold Stone's to order our ice cream and Mom picked up an ice cream cake.  Everyone was staring at us and asking us what we were doing all dressed up.  The Cold Stone's workers sang the Happy Birthday song to me.  It was pretty cool.  We all got our ice cream and then the limo driver took us back to our house.  When we got back to the house, my aunt that had stayed home had hung a sign on the door that said Welcome to Awards Night and it had pictures of the Oscars on it. 

My Dad kept us outside while Mom ran in to see if everything was ready.  Mom put on my Disney rocking music with the song Supergirl and then she came back to the door.  She said that only one girl would be coming in at a time.  I went in first and I walked down the stairs.  As I came through the golden curtain of foil, my aunts and uncles were standing behind a roped off area (the velvet ropes) and they started screaming at me like they were the paparattzi (sp?).  They were yelling things at me like, "You look beautiful tonight", "Who's your designer?", "Twirl around, show us your dress", "Do you think you are going to win".  They were crazy!!! 

And I was laughing so hard.  One of my aunts had a video camera and she caught the whole thing on tape.  When they were done with me I went to my seat (they had set up our basement like a theatre), my Mom went back upstairs to get the next girl.  Boy, were they in for a surprise.  Mom said they looked kind of scared because they could kind of hear the screaming but they had no idea what was going on.  My aunts and uncles screamed the same stuff at each girl and totally freaked them out.  One time my uncle yelled out, "Is it true?  Did you kiss Sponge Bob Square Pants?" 

We all laughed a lot at that one.  When each girl had finally made it into the house and past the paparattzi, Mom started the award program.  We watched the filming of the Cinderella movie that we had done earlier in the day.  It was so funny.  And then Mom awarded each of us an Oscar award (that we had made earlier) out of clay and gold spray paint.  Each girl had to give an acceptance speech.  Most of them just said how cool it was to ride in a limo.  I had to tell my Mom that this was the most incredible party I had ever had. 

ACT FOUR: When it was all done, we ordered pizza for supper.  Then we got into our jammies and my Mom put on some soft music and did facial masks with cucumbers on our eyes.  We relaxed for 15 minutes and then each took our turn going into the bathroom to have Mom wash the mask off. 

ACT FIVE: We then popped popcorn and put in the movie "The Muppets Wizard Of Oz".  We watched the movie and then went to bed.  We were so exhausted, yet we were still pretty wound up from our big day.  While we were watching the movie, Mom was printing digital pictures from the party to put in everyone small picture book so they could take them home. 

FINALE: The next morning each girl went home with the dress that they had worn to the "Oscars", the black elegant scarf, the picture album, the makeup purse (& everything it had in it), and the memory of the BEST PARTY EVER!!!

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