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February 2006


Special Mention

I LOVE THIS WEBSITE>..so my party idea does incorporate a lot of what others have done for A HOLLYWOOD THEME..party.  

1st the invitations:  I searched google for a picture of a movie ticket.  I then went to paint and just designed my own using the picture as a template.  I used paint or publisher whichever you have to write the information. Admit one on each corner of ticket with a sheer hollywood star in the middle and these words printed:  "Presenting a Hollywood Sleepover Party Starring: (child's name)in her Birthday Debut Appearing at:  (address)  Seating is limited please RSVP."  (Child) is allowing you to perform with her..please come with a lip sinc prepared and dressed to perform. Hair and makeup touched up at the party." I printed on Gold paper and put in hand made envelopes (found pattern on the web for envelopes) 

Decorations I cut Hollywood letters out of cardboard and painted them white.  I glued sticks on them and stuck them in the front yard.  I put spotlights on the letters that I had bought at Target after Christmas for 4 dollars  and it looked amazing.  I put white lights all around the entry with a red carpet on the ground leading to the sidewalk. About 3 dozen Black and White helium balloons were hanging from the ceiling (I always think this is an easy way to decorate for any occasion because the strings hanging feels really festive)  My neices who are in highschool came as specialists for hair and makeup and they were soo awesome and great with the girls.  They did hair and makeup really fancy updos for some and others wanted their hair down and curled it was their call.  I split the girls up so that while some were doing their hair and makeup the others were making photoalbums. 

PHOTOALBUMS I got the idea at a craft store.  I bought notecards spiral bound. I bought lots of different kinds of ribbon Walmart is a great place for cute ribbon.  And cute paper from a craft store.   The girls took the wire out of the books..(watch out for eyes and younger children)  And then took the cover and traced it on cute paper (two kinds)  Then with spray glue we glued the first piece, then cut the other to a smaller rectangle and glued it on the bottom (some girls put sqares)  We glued a long piece of ribbon on the seam of the two papers (some girls just glued a bow) and a button with the ribbon put through the holes and knotted.

Then with a really small hole punch turned over the notecard cover and used the original holes for guidance and punched new holes in the cute paper on top.  Then we resewed the wire into all the holes so that now we had a cute cover on the spiral notecard book.  Then we tied ribbons in knots and left the ends stranded to each of the wire circles on the spiral bound.  They turned out soo cute only problem was the wiring, some got discouraged but they could do it with help.  With some I just did that part for them.  They all turned out unique and amazing. I enlisted the help of neighbors to act as paparazzi.  After all the girls had hair and makeup, we then put them in a limozine and drove them around the block.  When they returned each girl got out of the limo one at a time.  Walking up the red carpet with flashes going and all the neighbors taking pictures. 

My husband interviewed them on Video and asked about their relationship with Brad Pitt or whoever is the man of the hour  their new album, their new movie, it was great.  After each girl had their turn we did our lip sincs with my nieces as judges.  They were sooo awesome.  The girls really put a lot into it and because I gave the invites two weeks before they had plenty of time.  Only two shy girls chose not to perform and that was fine.  The judges gave them comments after each performance, American Idol style but ONLY POSITIVE!!  Then The judges talled the votes and they all won  Oscar trophies with their names engraved.  I went to a local trophy guy who gave me a great deal.

We then had a modeling shoot with a fan blowing and a backdrop.  The girls totally got into it and we even got pictures of the shy girls.  I have a digital camera so I printed them all out and gave each girl their modeling photos.  Plus we had group photos and others.  It was hilarious to watch these girls:)  We then ate pizza and had cake.  The cake was a clapboard. Sams Club did an all black cake and I just added the white frosting and copied a picture I found on the internet adding my child's name and the Director being Mom. 

Note:  Black frosting turns teeth green.  I would recommend having Sam's only put a black square in the center.   We then settled back to a movie with their sleeping bags and pillows.  The funny thing is that girls that were nervous to spend the night, called to beg their parents to stay.  They said, "We're having soo much fun I don't want to go home."  The girls could finish their photo albums if they hadn't already.  And, it was a huge success.  When I have a party I come to this website.  I find amazing ideas and use them.  I finally felt like I should add my ideas too.  One child said, "This is the best night of my life."  A fantastic childhood memory!!

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