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Hollywood Party -10yr- Hillside Hollywood Sign




Donna in Valencia, CA USA


March 2005


Honorable Mention

For my son's 10th birthday we decided to have a "Hollywood" party.

I bought the star imprintd invites from Shindigz and also enclosed a letter telling the guests that this was a Talent show and that they would be responsible for doing an act. I gave a few suggestions such as comedian or playing an instrument.

I also informed them to be prepared for a "red carpet" interview and that they would be asked questions about their act. We had 16 guest arrive at the house promptly at 7:00pm, just  as the sun was going down, awaited by the papparazzi (parents and siblings with cameras) behind a rented velvet rope. We live on a bit of a hill so it was a perfect oppurtunity to build a "Hollywood" sign.

I made it out of 4'double corrugated cardboard from Shindigz, which I stapled onto stakes and I also lit with lights that staked in the ground from Home depot for $8. I bought the movie marquee arch also from Shindigz where my son, dressed in a tux and armed with a microphone, conducted his red carpet interviews.

Yes , the red carpet was a plastic runner also from Shindigz lined with red rope lights. After their interviews, the guest made it into the living room where "Auntie" passed hot hor dourves and the kids chatted. When all the guest were done , they headed out to the backyard patio that looked like a night club. I had hung a silver mylar curtain on our back fence (back lit with small white twinkle lights) that was the backdrop to the rented stage, spotlight and mirophone.  A giant lit disco ball rotated above their heads.

There were  rented small black tables with sparkly fabric and candles and black bistro chairs. Silver star balloons filled the corners. A concession stand included sodas on ice, 15 different kinds of candy, and a rented popcorn machine where the children could help themselves. My son was the MC of the show. The acts included a magician, sports demonstrations and playing an electric guitar while singing "8 days a week", dog tricks and about 3 comedians. I ordered real gold statue trophies and custom made the plaques.

The children were reintroduced to give their acceptance speeches after all had performed their acts. His cake was a square that was made to look like a star on the "walk of fame" in Hollywood and of course had his name on it. The party favors were giant popcorn buckets filled with a full size clapboard, clapboard keychain, rayban style sunglasses and a star waterglobe flashlight (all from Oriental Trading Company). I also made 3D 6" milk chocolate "Oscar" statues wrapped in gold foil. All wrapped in cellophane, silver metallic shred with  yellow carnival tickets and tied with big red satin bows.

Along with the handcrafted thank you notes, I included an acrylic clapboard frame with a picture of the guest and the birthday boy and a DVD copy of the talent show wrapped in cellophane with red metallic shred and silver metallic ribbon. All hand delivered four days after the party.  It took me 8 months of planning but was well worth it. It's been 5 months and people are still talking about it! It was totally over the top and my son just loved it! I was the perfect party for him!

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