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Annie Party -9th- Miss Hannigan (Simon) Says




Kristine in Manteno, IL  USA


March 2001


Special Mention

IT'S AN ANNIE PARTY!  Since my daughter is a huge ANNIE fan and sings songs from the musical 24 hours a day...we are having an ANNIE party for there 9th birthday.  We made invitations by cutting and pasting pictures of Annie and Sandy her dog. 

For the part on the invitations that says Where:  we put "The Orphanage" and then put our address.  On the bottom we put "Please come dressed as an orphan and remember You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile!"  We then took our invitation and had color copies made. 

For the cake we took a picture of Annie and Sandy from the cartoon strip for them to draw/decorate on the cake.  (Another cake idea would be to use a cake pan that has Raggedy Ann or another doll shape and then decorate it to look like Annie with red hair and her red dress with white collar).  We bought all red cups, plates, napkins and table cloth for Annie's red dress she wears in the end of the movie. 

When the "orphans" arrive, Miss Hannigan (mom dressed in disguise), will greet all the orphans, have their parents "sign" them over and hand each orphan their dust rag to begin cleaning so that this place shines like the top of the Chrysler Building. 

After all the orphans have arrived they will make a Sandy the dog bean bag pet.  We bought light brown felt to cut out the body--top and bottom--, dark brown felt for ears and tail, red for the tongue, wiggly eyes, black pom pom for nose.  The orphans will glue their Sandy together leaving a small opening to put in the poly-pellets.  Then they will tie a red ribbon around Sandy's neck to which they have strung a gold heart-shaped button to resemble Annie's locket. 

In order to get to eat the cake and ice cream orphans will have to play several games at the end of each they will get a trivia question to answer to take them closer to Oliver Warbucks mansion  (The decorated kitchen complete with red table cloth, gold sequins tossed on top, cake and ice cream). 

The games will consist of:  Miss Hannigan says (like Simon says), Broom relay race  (make two teams and each will have to sweep a tissue paper ball across  the room and back to their teammates), Rag toss  (like bozo buckets, but tossing rags into the buckets), Musical Mice (like hot potato, but pass a little stuffed mouse like the one the orphans put down Miss Hannigans dress), and finally an Annie trivia contest. 

After all games they can go to the mansion for a party and meet Daddy Warbucks (dad, in disguise).  For take home treats we bought little tin buckets and using a red paint marker put each girls name on their bucket.  We then filled the buckets with goodies such as candy, lip gloss (to wear to the mansion) Sunshine stickers (..the sun'll come out..Tomorrow!) and a new toothbrush,  bubble bath (so they can take their own bath!)  This will be our Annie party and I'm sure it'll be a smash, full of lots of SMILES!!!

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