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Molly  in Old Greenwich, CT


December 2001


Special Mention

For my daughters 11th birthday, we had a Movie star party.

INVITATION: For the invitation, buy some fancy stationary, and cut it into a star shape. Then, punch holes in it about every inch or so and thread gold or silver ribbon through the holes. Then, in cursive or calligraphy write "you are cordially invited to spend (date) at the Oscars. Please arrive at (address) at approximately (time). To make your final reservation, please reply to the home of (child's name) at (number).

DECORATIONS: On the front walkway, I laid out some red felt made to look like the red carpet, and stuck sticks of wood about 1 foot away from each other along the sides, where I tied gold, silver, and white balloons to. Inside, I let some more balloons float.

ACTIVITIES: The main activity of the party was Making the movie, but before that, we got all the actresses 'ready' by sending them to the 'spa'. Throughout the house, in each of the different bathrooms, there was a different station, and one was in the birthday girl's bedroom. The first station, the master bath, was home to the nail and hair salon. In here, I had some friends dressing the girl's hair with pins and clips and my other friend did the nails. The other station, in the downstairs bathroom, was makeup. In here, I was supplied with eye shadow, lipstick, and other makeup's.

The last station, in the birthday girl's bedroom was the dressing station, here, there were all kinds of dress up clothes that the girls could choose from. After all the girls were done at the spa, we made the movie. Before the party, I had written a simple script based on the movie, "the Princess Diaries", where a normal teenage girl finds out she is a princess. We handed out these 3 page scripts, and each girl was given a part and five minutes to look it over quickly. Then, my husband and I filmed it. After wards, we showed it to the girls on video and they got a kick out of it.

Then, last but not least, we handed out the actual Oscars. Before hand, I had cut trophies out of cardboard and painted them with each girl's name on it. For the ceremony, I had 10 categories (there were ten girls). Some of the categories were best script memorizer, funniest costume, etc.. (we made sure that none of the categories made the other girls feel bad such as 'best actress'). We called each girl up individually to receive her award. (since I didn't know what category each girl was going to win, when the girls came up, I wrote it with sharpie pen on the back). After this, we had dinner at our homemade restaurant and then, to make the girls sleepy after the excitement, I showed them a copy of the 1999 Oscars, which I had rented from the video store.

FOOD: In the dining room, we had table settings that made it look like a fancy restaurant. For each girls plate, we had a typed name card, a folded cloth napkin with a napkin ring, and we even had real silverware instead of plastic. We served chicken, rice, soup, and a chocolate cake that looked like an Oscar award. For breakfast, we had star shaped pancakes and yogurt parfaits. To add to the affect, my husband dressed up in a suit to look like a waiter and he served us.

FAVORS: When the girls were watching the movie, my husband went to the movie store and made 10 copies of the video we made. We gave these out to the guests along with a bottle of nail polish, and some hair do da's.

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