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Theater Acting Party

Star Party (7-15yr) School Auditorium




Meghan in Libertyville, IL  United States


Feb 2003


Honorable Mention

Do you want to have a party that everyone will remeber? Then you should have a Star Party. This party can be for ages 7-15, I had it for my 11th birthday. I had a boy/girl party with about 60 people, heres everything you need to know for the best party ever.

INVITATIONS- When my mom and I made invitatons, we wanted them to look cool. So when we finished them, we decorated them with glitter and the  my mom made everyone a backstage pass. The passes were like necklaces that you could wear around your neck. The invitation said in order to be let in you had to have your backstage pass (we made some extras in case people forgot theirs.

PLACE- For my party my mom rented out an auditiorom at a high school near our house.

DECORATION- WE put a red carpet in front of the building for decoration. My mom also made a huge banner out of a bed sheet that said a catchy phrase like "Don't Let the Music Stop". Then we had a table decorated with glitter and stars where we put the food and the cake, which was shaped as a star.

STATIONS- We had different stations set up that people could go to. There was one station where people could dye their hair different colors (we just got washable dye from our grocery store).

ENTERTAINMENT- My mom hired a karioke D.J. to play music at the party. My friends LOVED it! Then everyone who wanted to came over and we learned a dance that we performed at the end of the party. I had my babysitter Karla come teach us the dance.

Then at the end of the party we gave out awards for best dressed, and best singer, etc., etc. When everyone left, we gave them goodie bags. The girls got movie star glasses, makeup, and hair brushes. The boys got cool balck sunglasses, bandanas, and everyone got candy. It was an awesome party and your friends will talk about it for months!!!

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