Play Doh Party

Play Doh Chef Party -4yr- Chef Hats




Stephanie in Sudbury Ontario Canada


January 2009



For my daughter's fourth birthday I decided to have a Play Doh party and really play up the dough" angle by making Chef hats for all of the kids. I found a couple of chef hat tutorials online and managed to put together a pattern for a chef hat (basically a fairly large circle and a double thick band with interfacing and then gather the circle and sew to the band.

I made the bands overlap with an opening at the back so that I could put adhesive velcro on them so that they could be sized to the head of each child. These could also be made using bristol board for the band and tissue paper for the circle and tape them together. 

When the kids first got there we started out by making "play doh mats". I printed off the name of each child on fancy border paper and then printed off very simple coloring pages for the opposite side. I gave the kids stickers and markers and had them decorate their mats (they each got to pick which coloring page to put on the opposite side).

Once both papers were decorated I put them through my laminator (if you don't have a laminator buy a package of page protectors and cut the holes off and then tape the top shut with scotch tape).   Since some children took much longer than others to decorate their mats I handed out some homemade playdoh to each child as they finished their mats.

I had purchased playdoh tool sets for each child from the dollar store so they got their tools then. I also had glitter at the ready so that each child could make their playdoh extra special by kneading the glitter into the playdoh. This was a big hit! Once everyone had gotten to play with the playdoh for about 15 minutes (some kids had played for longer) we put aside the playdoh and pulled out the pizzas for our chefs.

We used pocketless pizzas for the bases (my husbands idea much easier than real dough and cooked quicker too). We had pizza sauce shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheese cut up hotdogs pepperoni red yellow and green peppers and mushrooms (sliced very small). Since most of the parents had stayed they each made their own pizza too. The kids had a great time making their pizzas.

While the pizzas were cooking and cooling we played with our play doh again. Then we ate (juice pizza and purchased cake). Then it was time to open presents. We played a variation of musical chairs. All of the guests picked up the present they had brought for the birthday girl and then put it down. As they did this I sang various songs and rhymes at the top of my lungs. The first person to put their present down when I stopped singing "won" and got to give
their present to the birthday girl to open.

This little game seemed to make the present opening time fun for the kids. Party favors included the chef hats the playdoh and the play doh tools plus some small toys and a chocolate bar. The kids had a great time and the two hours flew by."

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