Play Doh Party

Playdoh Party -5yr- Favor Tub of Play Doh




Larissa in Ocoee, Florida, USA


September 2005



My son Travis is very creative and loves nothing more than Play-Doh. A few weeks before his 5th birthday he announced that he wanted a "Play-Doh" party. I tried to change his mind, thinking it would be easier if he picked a more popular theme, but he would not budge! So, we had to get creative!! 

We decided to have his party in our church's gym. This would allow us to use as many child level long tables and chairs as we needed. We set up 8 tables, covered them with bright yellow tablecloths, and set up lots of Play-Doh and Play-Doh play sets. To enhance the "use your creativity" vibe of the party we also set up a table with paper, crayons & markers and another one with paper, sponges & paint.

We carried the creativity to the floor by setting up an area with lots of tracks & trains for the kids to built train tracks and a Lego area, with lots and lots of Legos.  We had a couple of eating tables set up with bright yellow tablecloths, red plates, orange napkins & blue cups. We had flower pots with bright flowers as center pieces surrounded by small bowls of orange cheetos, yellow lemon heads & green grapes.

For the cake I had our local grocery store make the Care Bears cake, minus the Care Bears!!! It was a blue sky scene with a white fluffy cloud on each side and a rainbow all the way across, from one cloud to another. I added a mini play-doh can (side ways and label-up) on each cloud. It looked terrific!

We also made the invitations & thank you cards by scanning a Play-Doh container. I used the scanned image and made my son a t-shirt to wear to his party, he was thrilled with it because it said, "I love Play-Doh" across the chest. As party favors we gave each child a tub of Play-Doh with a note attached to it that read, "Thank You for coming to my party, here is some Play-Doh for you to take and continue to create  at home...Have fun!" On the bottom of the note we attached the same Play-Doh image.

My son had such a great time, he is still very proud of his "Play-Doh Party"! And all our friends and relatives loved it, too.

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