Peter Pan Party

Peter Pan & Tinkerbell -4yr- Costume Party




Christie in Sacramento, Ca USA


July 2007


Special Mention

My Daughter decided she wanted a Tinkerbell party for her 4th birthday. So I decided to expand on that idea & go with the entire Peter Pan/ Tinkerbell theme so boys & girls could both enjoy the party.

For the Invitations  I uploaded my own images I saved of neverland from online. Then I put,  Second star to the right & straight on 'till morning. All you need is faith trust & a little pixie dust." Location: Neverland Where it says Guest list you can personalize it. I chose the treasure hunt because I was going to be doing a treasure hunt at my party. It said "Are you up for a treasure hunt?"  The ones who replied yes- said "Aye Aye Cap'n" The ones who repied maybe said "Shiver me timbers I can't decide" The ones who replied no said " Argh I'm walking the plank" It was really cute! Then for those that were not up with the technology of computers I hand made a few invitations on the computer. It looked like a scroll map of neverland in the background on light tan cardstock & then I glued another blank piece the same color with the invitation printed out. Then I put a pop up sticker of tinkerbell like she was flying over Neverland & added some glitter for the pixie dust. I put on the invitation for everyone to come dressed as their favortie Peter Pan character.

Day of the Party: I hung a huge poster board sign that I had hand drawn & then laminated the word "Neverland" with an arrow pointing to my front door. It looked just like the lettering on the movie case! I had balloons everywhere-crocodile tinkerbell...etc..Inside & outside. Then I hung Two huge silver stars above my door (Second star to the right) Everyone was greeted by (my husband) Captain Hook. He looked amazing! I got the red velvet jacket of his costume from the Goodwill; it was actually a maternity shirt! I took off all the buttons.  Bought some gold piping to sew down the front & some ruffle-also from Goodwill. I got the ascot sashhat & hook online from a children's costume-much cheaper-but it still fit him. Then he wore the boots from his Santa Suit & black pants & a fake mustache. He looked great!

I was Mr. Smee. I wore a striped black & white t-shirt red & white striped bandana-(Claires) Had an eye patch-Oriental Trading Co. The birthday girl was Wendy. I found a perfect dress at a thrift store but it was white- so I decided to dye it!I bought some dye at Walmart. It turned out the perfect shade of blue! & I bought her a big blue bow for her hair to match (at Once Upon a Child-children's second hand store)  Her little sister was Peter Pan! Since all the Broadway stars were girls I thought it was fine! She looked adorable! She had curled pigtails underneath her green hat with the red feather(that I got online)I found green velvet short overalls at the Goodwill! They matched perfect I couldn't believe it!

Then as guest arrived I had them go over to the dress up trunk if they didn't come with a costume-& some didn't. They could be little Captain hook Peter pan Wendy Tinkerbell. Some costumes we already owned & some we got online.  Then over to the craft table where they could make their own treasure boxes color neverland puzzles to take home get a tinkerbell tattoo & sit & enjoy the Neverland soundtrack that was playing. I also had the dvd of Peter Pan but we really didn't need it.

The food I tried to make themed toward the party. We had "Pirates Booty" from Trader Joes(like a soft light white cheesy popcorn easy for kids to eat) I put the booty in black plastic buckets I got form Target that were in the graduation section stuck a little scoop in there & voila! Then I had another black bucket I filled with raw sugar I bought at Walmart-to look like sand but be edible. I then took fresh fruit strawberries grapes pineapples..etc; & made fruit kabobs. I stuck the fruit kabobs down into the bucket of sugar sand-it looked really cool! I called the eating area "Cannibal Cove"  I tried to make our house like the Neverland map. We had Mermaid Lagoon-a pool in the backyard The Indian camp-a real teepee I bought online skull rock- a castle play house in the backyard The pirate ship-an inflatable ship will jumping balls.

We had 2 games-1st: Pin the shadow on Peter Pan game- a hand drawn picture of Peter Pan from an artist friend of mine on a poster board that I had laminated. Then I went Walmart & bought black netting material to make his shadow. 2nd:Search for Peter Pan's Treasure hunt: There was a ring at the door. We opened the door & found a red box with a red feather attached to it. Inside was a message in a bottle. It was from Peter Pan! it read" Dear friends I am off on another adventure I need your help. I need you to find my treasure before Hook does. Whatever you find is yours to keep. Thanks Friends. Gotta Fly!" Peter~

I found these blank treasure maps with stickers you can personalize yourself at Oriental Trading Co. So I used those & they went from place to place until they found The huge treasure box(a styrofaom ice chest from the dollar store I painted to look like a treasure chest) I put huge rings necklacesgold coins...etc. al from OTC. Then each child got their own gift box. Girls got Tinks pixie dustfeather pen butterfly pads of papertink stickers& tinks wand. The boys got an Eye patch compass telescope captain hook stickers.

The cake was my favorite part of all! For the cake I bought a Tinkerbell doll & took it to a local bakery & they made a Tinkerbell doll cake! It was sooo beautiful! It tasted delicious too!  I almost wish we could post pictures up words just don't do this party justice it was THAT cute! One of the little boys said it was the best party he had ever been to! It was definitely a success! Next year I will be doing Mad Hatter-I might even top this one! "

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