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Neverland Party -6yr- Neverland Snacks




Birgitte in Calgary, AB, Canada


June 2007


Special Mention

We decided to give our boy/girl twins a Neverland party, playing on Tinkerbell and Hook.

The invitations were Tinkerbell for the girls and it had the following wording: Anna and Jack are turning 6 and would love for you to join them in the Nursery on June 1st, 2007 The 5th hour past noon Second Star to the Right, At our address. We might take a trip to Never Land so please wear your nicest Pajamas  just in case we meet Peter Pan. Say nothing of this gathering least Hook should overhear. For if he shows up he'll ruin, no doubt, the grandest party of the year! I had downloaded a picture of Tinkerbell for the top of the invitation and used a story book font. On the side of the invitation I wrote in small font the wording for the song You can Fly".

I printed the invitation on vellum paper and put this on top of a watercolor paper where I had printed the image of Peter Pan flying with Wendy and the boys. I tied these two papers together with a Tinkerbell green ribbon. When I put the invitation into the envelope I used lots of green glitter for magic dust.  For the boys invitation I did the same wording but the invitation was printed on old paper where I had traced the Neverland map from Disney's Party Handbook book by Alison Boteler. It looked amazing. I rolled the boys invitations and tied it with old twine. It looked fantastic.

DECORATIONS: My husband who's very good at drawing had made 4 full wall posters with 4 mermaids Smee in a rowing boat peter pan flying Hook's ship and my kids all painted them in. We put these in the Mermaids Lagoon which became the eating area. I also decorated this with tons and tons of streamers in all water colors. I had these hanging everywhere around the walls and from the ceiling. Then we had lots and lots of balloons in blue green and black the black being the cannonballs from Captain Hook on a bad shooting spree. I had a colorful paper table cloth from IKEA which looked like it had leaves all over it. My goal was to make the food look like the colorful spread in the movie Hook where Robin Williams has to imagine before he can eat all the colorful food. I had a pineapple tree with grapes hanging and strawberries lying around. I had pirate boat made with jello in orange shells I had made a crocodile out of a cucumber I had a butterfly tray full of jellybeans chocolate coins and pretzels.

Most of my ideas came from the party book from Annabell Karmel. I had planned to make the little seashells she has in the book as well. Also the book from gives you ideas for fun food. I also made smiley faces (potato fries!) and pizza as it was a dinner and the kids would be hungry. The Lagoon looked amazing. The cake was a centerpiece as I am a cake decorator and had made Neverland for the kids. I had one blue layer with a green layer on top shaped as Neverland. On there I had modeled in fondant Peter Pan Tinkerbell a tipi for the Indian Camp Hangmans tree Hook's Pirate ship Mermaid for the lagoon and Skull rock. I had made and painted 6 Rainbows as there are rainbows everywhere in Neverland. I wrote Happy 6th birthday Darling's (playing on the surname of Wendy!). I had made a huge bowl of Shirley Temple for the kids to drink and sprinkled it with Tinkerbell's fairy dust (fizzy rocks!) as I handed it out.

Once the kids arrived they played in our bouncy castle till everyone was here. Then I took them to the Nursery for a story. I read them the story of Peter Pan to make sure they all had an idea of what we were doing. Then we flew them to the Tipi (which we got for the twin's 4th birthday cowboy/Indians!) where I had one child come in at a time. I painted their faces simply with colorful lines and then gave them a tickle sword (feather duster) for them to have a tickle fight amongst themselves. I send them out of the tipi to my friend who then helped them make head bands of colorful cardboard bought at Staples. They come in all sorts of colors but are precut in a thin wavy line. Very simple very effective. The kids put in a few feather and off they went. After about 15 minutes of tickle fights my husband wheeled out our wagon full of cannonballs (water bombs!) the kids then had to try to hit him (him being Captain Hook) this was a big hit and we should have had hundreds of bombs  they could have played this for hours!

We then went to the lagoon to eat. After the feast we took the kids back to the nursery where it was time for the presents. I am a great believer in making up a game for the presents as I dislike when kids are trying to give theirs all at once. I had been to the Disney store where I was lucky to find a remote controlled pirate ship with Hook and Peter Pan. Since the movie is no longer in fashion it was on sale and a great spoof. My husband steered the ship to the child whose turn it was and shot the canons at the kid. Great idea and the kid never figured it out.

After presents we had cake and then the doorbell rang  odd as we were all there. Jack and Anna ran to the door to answer and found a note from Captain Hook I might have left a treasure  finding it would be your pleasure and off the kids went on a treasure hunt. We had about 7 places for them to go and eventually they found the treasure. The girls each found a Tinkerbell box bought on Ebay  inside was a Tinkerbell diary chocolate coins  gobstoppers for the colors of Neverland a punch ball and then I had made each girl a sewing kit. I had made them small needle pouch out of a tiny basket which I then filled with a piece of Tinkerbell fabric around some wadding. I glued a pretty lace around the basket and then glued in the little fabric ball gave them a few rolls of sewing thread colorful needles a thimble and a needle threader. I had made a simple book of sewing instructions for each girl.

The reason for the sewing kit was because I have always remembered how Tinkerbell sits of the thimble in the movie and it squeezes under her. I always try to find something interesting for the party bags as I believe it's a chance to give away something nice rather than silly toys which will be put in the bin a few days later. The boys were a little trickier. I had bought pirate treasure boxes on Ebay for them and filled it with telescopes which I stripped of their pirate stickers and made my own for. I made stickers saying Pirate Jack on the scope instead. I had bought little square face cloths with Peter Pan on it - the ones that grows in water at the Disney Store. They had the same treats as the girls the punch ball some goo a tiny bow and arrow set. I wanted the boys to have fun toys things that Peter Pan would approve of! The kids had a blast so did we! "

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