Peter Pan Party

Neverland Adventure -3yr- Decorate the TeePee




jodi in valley village, ca USA


October 2007


Honorable Mention

My son has been obsessed with having a Peter Pan birthday party for months now, and being that this is the first year that he really gets" the concept of a party we kinda went a little crazy... but it's all worth it!

For the invitation I made a little poem that I placed on the back of a map of Neverland.. the poem reads: You see I've decided to just stop growing  To celebrate me being three. There will be lots of food to feed our faces And shadows to catch and indian races. Just bring your faith and trust... We'll supply the pixie dust. If you can make it please give my mom warning Second star to the right and straight on 'till morning.  (I got many compliments on the poem.. it was a good start) As parents R.S.V.Ped I tild them that it was a costume party and that the kids could come dressed however they pleased being that it is close to Halloween.

We decided for activities that we would build a ship in our back room out of cardboard and a 2x4 for the flag pole with a pirate flag hanging from it. The kids loved crawling all around the boxes! We also had clear gift wrap crinkled around a bunch of blue balloons that eventually got taken apart as the battle with Captian Hook (my husband) took place.. but it was a great set up.

Out side we constructed a tee-pee with bamboo we had lying around and some muslin. I but out buckets of chalk so that the kids could make indian paintings on the tee-pee if they wanted and it would all dust off of their costumes… that was a simple and awesome thing to have at the party as well! We hung a lot of green streamers from the celling with some balloons upside down and some filled with helium to make a very jungle like feel in the part of the room that the ship was not in. Our Son was mesmerized with how Neverland "came to our house for the day."

We had a treasure hunt where Tinkerbell's friend (myself) gave the older kids clues where to hunt for treasure by making little rhymes like "sometimes a potato will sit on me and do nothing but watch t.v." that would be a clue to look around and under the couch.. I am not the best at this.. But the older kids got all the clues (phew).For the younger kids I spread things over the lawn much in easter egg hunting fashion and I had a few things buried in the sand box. We had a shadow wall where I had a a big roll of black paper that the kids would stand in front of while "Michael" and "Wendy" (our friends) would trace while one made sure that kids didn't go near the hot flood light. The kids LOVED making different poses!

We even had some parents that said that they wanted to frame their child's face profile because it reminded them of something their parents did when they were young. We really had not planned for much more although the music we had playing mostly for the adults (a good 80's mix) did start a pretty fun dance party for the kids which in turn entertained us adults for a good half hour..

For the most part the kids were really entertained with the boat and the tee-pee and we did not have to do much more. I had gotten feathers felt and stick on velcro to make little indian headbands for any kids that did not come dressed up (although most did) I ended up passing them out to any kid who wanted and of course that lead into an indian chase and hooting and skipping!! How fun!!

For food we had just healthy snacks like hummus and carrots and different pizza options (some vegan and some normal). The kids had cupcakes with "treasure" on it like necklaces and gold coins so that when they were all together it looked like a treasure chest as we served it in a glass pan that I made over with tin-foil and marker. The adults had beer and kaluah cupcakes.. It was such a great time to for everyone! I can't wait until the next year! "

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