Parade Party

Bike Parade -6yr- Safety Instructor




Kimberly in Bangor, PA  USA


June 2001



For my sons sixth birthday party, I decided on a Bike Parade. 

I rented a pavilion at a local park that had plenty of room for the kids to bring and ride their bikes at. 

Next I decided to bring in a certified safety bike instructor from a local transportation agency.  They will be fitting the kids helmets, sizing their bikes, showing a short video on why wearing helmets is important and then going through some safety tips with the kids and parents. 

After the 1 1/2 presentation, the kids will be able to decorate their bikes and then we parade them around the park.  I have prizes for the best decorated, etc. 

The kids must bring along their bikes and helmets.  If they do not have helmets, I can let the instructor know and he can bring along extras and parents can purchase them for a small donation if they please.

I will be bringing along extra bikes from my sons daycare and his and his cousins power wheels Harley Davidson bikes.  I'm hoping it will be a success!  The party is August 19, 2001.

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