Parade Party

Bike Parade -6yr- Parade Lead by a Firetruck




Margaret in Texas


May 2001



Bike Parade Party  We had a Bike Parade for my sons 6th birthday party.

We sent out homemade invitations were we decorated a 8 by 10 sheet of paper with some bike stickers we bought and then we wrote all the details of the party: who, what, where, when etc…I also added that each guest needed to bring their bike and riding helmet. 

We Xeroxed this paper and then handed them out to those invited.  When the guest arrived, they received a bag of goodies which included things to decorate their bike it.  Playing cards and clothespins to make noise makers on their tire spokes, flags, spoke lights, and steamers to tie around the bike and themselves. 

Fifteen minutes after the kids were to arrive (and we had time to decorate their bikes) a local fire truck arrived (call your local fire department and they will come!)  The firemen were fantastic with the kids.  They gave a very short speech on bike safety and handed out stickers and other goodies to the kids. 

Then, they turned on the fire engines light and siren and led the kids in their "parade".  The kids followed the fire engine on their bikes around the block. 

My older children carried a homemade banner between the fire truck and the bike riding kids that said, "Gil's Bike Parade".  After returning to the house, we got a group picture of the kids all around the fire truck. 

Then the fire truck left.  We all went into the backyard and had cake and ice cream.  The party favors were the bike decorations that the kids received when they first arrived.

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