Parade Party

Neighborhood Parade -5yr- Noise Maker Spokes




Martha in Santa Clara, California USA


March 2002



When my daughter turned 5, she wanted to have a parade for her birthday.

Once all the guests arrived, the children were given their choice of noise makers and funny costumes. They wore crazy hats and had their faces painted. Some wore colorful feathers and sunglasses.

My daughter wore a crown so that everyone in the neighborhood would recognize who the queen of the parade was. We took along a cassette player and loaded it onto the wagon (the wagon was also decorated like a float).

The queen of the day lead the parade with her two doggies following her (they were dressed for the occasion too)and all the kids marched closely behind.

We marched on the sidewalks down the street, around the block, through the park and back to the party. Even the older cousins couldn't help but participate.

Needless to say, the parade was the talk of the neighborhood!

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