Parade Party

Parade Ride -3yr- Decorate the Vehicles




DeeDee in Clovis, CA  USA


April 2000



For my daughter's 3rd birthday, we had a parade! 

Guests were told to bring a riding toy appropriate for their child's ages (guests ages ranged from 9 months to age 8).  We met at our home and each child received a party hat and decorating kit.  In the kit were balloons, streamers, Mylar strips (made from Mylar wrapping material), and a roll of paper masking tape. 

Each parent helped their child/children decorate their own bike/riding toy/stroller.  I decorated our wagon with ribbons - it held a tape player and a small bucket and shovel for each child, labeled with their names. 

Children who finished quickly helped the others. When all riding toys were decorated, my daughter lead her friends in a parade to a nearby park (about 3 small blocks). 

I played marching music from the tape player in the wagon.  When we got to the park, guests were given buckets and shovels as party favors.  The children played at the park, and cupcakes and punch were served there.

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