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Karen in South San Francisco, CA, USA


August 2010


Honorable Mention

THEME:For my daughter's 5th birthday, we did a hollywood-esque VIP awards party and called it the Fabulous Five" VIP Party. The theme is a mixture of the Emmys/Oscars and a movie premiere.   

INVITATION: For the invitations I used Photoshop Elements to recreate the famous Hollywood sign and instead put my daughter's name in (i.e. Welcome to Kellywood!).  I used the "Hollywood Hills" font for effect.  I then wrote: You are invited to Kelly's "Fabulous Five" VIP Party with the details.  We also asked that they RSVP to get on the VIP guest list and to "bring the bling". 

DECORATIONS: The color theme is Black White Gold and Red.  For decorations we are doing the standard red carpet and star balloons.  I purchased film frames and clip frames from Michaels for the center pieces.  I put photos of my daughter in the film frames from age 1 to 5.  We put names of celebrities and cartoon characters my daughter loves on gold stars and attached to the clip frames for a "walk of fame" look. 

ACTIVITIES: As the guests arrive they enter onto the red carpet where they are greeted by "paparazzi parents" to take photos.  Once they enter they are greeted by a "bouncer"(good job for dad) who has the guest list. Once they are confirmed VIP they receive a VIP all access pass.  The VIP pass includes the details of the party(like a program).  I picked up the badges from the Dollar Tree and tied it on pretty ribbon/lanyard. Very cute.    The party begins with Arts and Crafts. 

Arts and Craft ideas include:

1. TV Guide Coloring/Activity Book-  If you are computer savvy you can make your own TV Guide Cover using your child's picture and their accomplishments in the past year (i.e. "Kelly shines on stage at the world premiere of Twinkle"). You might also be able to find a magazine template online.

2. Glamour Glasses-where the VIPs get to decorate their own glasses to hide from the paparazzi.

3. Walk of Fame Star- the VIPs get to make their own star.  I got the stars from the Dollar Tree but you can also make them yourself. 

After completed they can take a picture with their star just like the stars do.   You can also prepare a video/photo montage of your child with their accomplishments similar to achievement awards on TV.  After the presentation the guest of honor is asked to come up to receive their award (star trophy) and all the guests sing Happy Birthday.  They are probably too young for speeches but they may want to say thank you to their guests. 

We also had a special performance (as all VIP/Awards Parties do)and hired a magician.  Or you can even do it yourself or another great job for dad. 

GAMES: For games for 5 year olds you can do some of the standard games but we wanted to be unique and decided on one game- Star Search.  And we literally stuck star stickers around the party room for them to look for much like a scavenger hunt and gave prizes for each one found. 

COSTUMES: A Styling Station is a great idea too if it's in the budget.  You can find color hair extensions jewelry and such on orientaltrading.com or you can ask your guests to arrive in style 

PARTY SNACKS: A Candy Bar is a nice touchmuch like a candy store/refreshment bar where the kids can access them. I would suggest setting a limit so the kids are not running around crazy all day! 

CAKE: We decided on an ice cream social instead of cake because cake is so last year. :)if you have to have cake do mini cupcakes those are still very in. :) 

FAVORS: We called these "Swag Bags" and put items in like autograph books/pens their own VIP trophy a whistle to call their valet or a taxi Dollar Sign necklaces for extra bling and a CD compilation of my daughter's favorite "grammy award winning" tunes. "

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