Oscar Party

Oscar Party (9-12yr) Best Commercial Contest




Hannah in LeRoy, New York Unites Sates


June 2009


Honorable Mention

Oscar party- this is a perfect party for girls the ages of 9-12. You could even make it for little girls with the right adjustments. It makes a cute party filled with glitz and glamour.

INVITATIONS: We did a ticket to the Oscars saying: Are you ready to walk the red carpet at __________(child's name) birthday? Well, get ready to be an A-lister, dressing like your favorite celebrity! If your favorite prada dress isn't available we have fabulous dresses for you to try on and wear. You may even win an Oscar. We'll see you at the __________ (your last name) club: located at _________________ (your address). Have your limo drop you off at:        and pick you up at:      . Have your people call my people at___-_____ (your phone number) to tell me if you can come. See you there!

DECORATIONS: We set up different room of our house like; a screening room- with pillows, bean bag chairs, a t.v. and an inflatable movie buff from oriental trading, a dressing room- we put all of our dresses for the girls to borrow in this room with a floor length mirror, a set- this is where we filmed our commercials and made star prints, we just put a table and chair that the girls could use if they wanted, and finally, a boutique- (this was where girls went shopping) we set up tables with our items on it and sectioned off a small section where a friend of mine was doing manicures.

ACTIVITES/GAMES: As girls arrived they could go to the dressing room to get a fancy dress as a costume or hang out by the snacks until everyone was here. When everyone arrived, I explained that all of their agents had gotten them parts in a commercial. I then divided them up into groups of 3 (there were 12 girls, so 4 girls per group) and gave them products that they were going to try to sell in their commercials- a hairdryer, lip gloss, and cookies. They were very excited and got right to work. They were given 20 minutes to make up their commercial. After that they went into the set room (one group at a time) and filmed their commercial, which I taped for them with my video camera. They all came out so cute!

When everyone had taped their commercials, the girls learned that their commercials were up for an Oscar. They got to get ready for the Oscars by going around to different stations (which 3 friends of mine helped out with). Star prints- this was in the set room. Each girl got to choose a colored paper star, write their name on the top (their real name or star name), then we painted their hands and they stamped it onto the star. After that they were given a credit card to go shopping with.

Shopping- the girls went into the boutique and got to pick; 2 beaded bracelets, a star necklace, a Chinese handbag, a big headed dog (we put this into their Chinese handbag, because all stars have a little dog that rides in their purse), and a pair of metallic sunglasses. These were all purchased from oriental trading. I made sure that the total of their fake cost was over $500 and put all of their items in a store bag which I had made from a craft gift bag and taped the boutique's name and logo on the side. (I wanted them to get the feeling of going on a shopping spree).

They could also go to the nail salon section, which we named Cute-icles. The girls got a quick manicure and they got to choose a lotion that we put on for them. After everyone had been around to the stations they walked the red carpet. They could wear the things they had gotten at the boutique. We bought a red carpet from oriental trading and my friends and I wore black sweatshirts as the paparazzi. We also took pictures with our cameras and shouted questions to the girls like Is it true that you are dating Nick Jonas? Or Were you and Miley Cyrus in a shoe fight?. It was so funny!

After that they went into the screening room to watch the commercials. The commercials were also judged and announced by my friends. Well this happened; I downloaded the paparazzi pictures onto my computer. Then, I put the pictures onto a magazine cover that I previously had made so all I had to do was insert the picture. They made good favors. The judges made sure that each girl got an Oscar and that one category was no better then another (like one girl couldn't be nicest hands and another most beautiful). So we had our Oscar ceremony and each girl won a movie buff (purchased from oriental trading), making an acceptance speech. This was so cute and I took lots of pictures.

PARTY FOOD/SNACKS: for lunch the girls ate in a café where they got to choose from a menu of foods (mainly they were food that I could quickly prepare).

CAKE: we had a star cake that had the birthday girl's name in the middle. FAVORS: The girls got to keep their purchases, the credit cards, the star prints, the movie buffs and the magazines of them. All of the girls had so much fun and agreed that this was the best party they had ever been to!

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