Oscar Party

Night at the Oscars -12yr- Spa & Fashion Show




Molly in CT


September 2001


Honorable Mention

For my daughters 12th birthday, we decided to do a  Night at the Oscars theme.

Invitation: For the invitation, we cut out 8 pieces of oak tag (8 guests) to look like  stars. then, we punched holes on each side of the  star and strung gold ribbon through the holes. On the  invitation it said "you are cordially invited to join  hostess (daughters name) at the Oscars Award  Ceremony. Please join us at (address) at approximately  (time) on (date). Please call (phone number) to make  your reservations by (deadline). Please dress  formally. We hope you can join us!.

DECORATIONS:  On the day of the party, we blew up about 10 gold,  white, and silver balloons to hang around the house.  For the back yard, we cut out cardboard letters and  covered them in foil (or silver paint, your choice) to  spell out HOLLYWOOD. We stuck them in the garden.  On our front walkway, we rolled out a long piece of red  felt to act as the red carpet.

ACTIVITIES: When the  guests arrived, there was I LOVE LUCY playing in the  living room, so that's what they watched while waiting  for everyone to arrive. When everyone was there, we  had already set up the beauty "spa". Here, my friends  helped paint girls nails, do their hair, etc... After the  spa, we had the fashion show.

This was a big hit. I  had set up an area in the back yard where I had  bought some inexpensive lawn lights and I placed  them in a rectangular shape. Each girl wrote a  description of their outfit on an index card for me to  read as the walked down the "isle". When everyone  was done, I handed out some "Oscars" I had made  out of clay and baked.

Then we ate. I had set up a  long buffet table in the living room. I set each place  with a folded cloth napkin, a plastic champagne glass,  and very formal place settings. We served sparkling  cider, chicken, and "star cake". After that, the girls laid out their sleeping bags and watched a rerun of  the 1999 Oscars that I had rented from the video  rental store. In the morning, I served do it yourself  pancakes. the pancakes were in the shape of a star, and I had set out many toppings such as syrup, nuts, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, chocolate spread, honey,  etc..

For the favor bags we put nail polish, hair curlers,  lip gloss, and a t shirt that I made on the computer  that all the girls had signed. This was the best  birthday party my daughter has ever had.

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