Olympics Party

Olympic Slumber Party (10-13yr) Ping Pong




Kayla  in Ontario, CA


February 2014



Basically, my idea was to have a slumber party with a simple theme, and I had recently done a speech on the Olympics so I thought, why not? I had my 6-7 closest friends come over, and we seemed to have a lot of fun so here's what I did...

*INVITATIONS* For the invitations, I made them on Microsoft Publisher. I copy and pasted pictures of hurdles, and other Olympic Activities. I also put on my Olympic symbol" which was the Olympic Rings with different smily faces in the middle (smily face funny face mad face etc.). Inside was the everyday invitation stating the times and remember to bring sleeping bags and pillow. 

*DECORATIONS* I didn't go crazy on the decorations just balloons and streamers. I also put streamers in the Olympic Ring form and put it on the wall.

*FOOD* I just did the regular pizza and cake for food. 

*PLAN* Ok so when people were coming in they would sit at a table and they were plain white t-shirts on the table. I had fabric markers as well and we drew our "Country Flags" on our shirts and then everyone signed the back. We all made t-shirts and then we moved onto the games. My parents videotaped the opening ceremony when we one at a time jumped into the living room ad sang our theme song. Then we moved to the first event.

The first event was baseball so we went outside. My dad pitched but he didn't pitch regular baseballs. He pitched the baseballs we had made with paper mâché and stuffed it with candy. You got your bat and then when you hit it your candy went flying. You gathered up your candy and then we went back inside. We did archery with nerf guns and we drew the targets on the windows with window markers.

We also had a Ping pong game (I have a table) and dance-off. We then had dinner and opened presents. We went downstairs and watched a movie played truth or dare and would you rather and the we went to sleep. We woke up and we hung out.

*EXTRA*  We also kept track of points then awarded plastic or paper medals to the winners at our closing ceremony.

*PARTY FAVOURS* I had earrings EOS lip balm and candy in the loot bags (which were furry pencil cases.) ."

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