Olympics Party

Olympic Games (4-6yr) Olympic Torch Invite






August 2000


Special Mention

Since the Olympics are coming up we decided to get into the spirtit of the games!!! 

We made our invitations out of paper towel rolls and construction paper to make them look like Olympic torches and hand delivered them. We asked everyone to bring a white t-shirt to decorate when they first get there. My sons will be turning 4&6 and they have always been very much into trains, so each year we rent a trackless train to bring all the kids around our 1/4 mile cul de sac. 

We will be decorating the train with Olympic symbols and balloons, and since all the neighbors are invited, we will be making different flags out of posterboard, stapling them to sticks and have them placed in several of the different yards for our around the world feel, also some of the events may take place in some of the different yards, for example my friend will let me set up a obstacle course in her back yard and the kids will have to take a train ride to "Ireland" to participate, or we can just cut through the back yards. 

There will be a family vs family tug of war, a family relay race, potato sack race, obstacle course etc (My favorite event, I have not clued my husband in on but he has been volunteered to be the lucky person to stand with a tarp around him while a child from each family stands on a line with a pie tin filled with whipped cream, whoever hits Dave in the face with a pie gets a point!!) 

They accumulate points on a tote board after each event and we made 1st 2nd and 3rd award stand out of milk crates and we'll give out gift certificates to McDonalds or Friendly's for an ice cream, A round of Put-Put Golf etc for prizes.

For food, we also have that around the world thing going, Nachos from Mexico, Pizza from Italy, Hot Dogs and Hamburgers from the USA.  What a fun way to get the whole family celebrating a birthday, or even better a block party to bring the neighborhood together!!!

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