Nursery Rhyme Party

Rapunzel Princess -7yr- Toss The Witch




Jill in Antelope, CA  USA


Jan. 2004



RAPUNZEL PRINCESS PARTY  Our 7 year old daughter is in love with Rapunzel so we planned an prince/princess royal ball with a Rapunzel theme.

We had all the kids come dressed in either a royal gown or regal finest. At the door the girls were presented with a royal jewel necklace and the boys were given swords and dubbed knights for the day.  I had the party set up as a royal carnival. The guest started at a table and decorated their goodie bags with stickers to take around to the different games and collect their prizes.

We decorated our garage making two towers in between a castle wall out of corrugated cardboard that had a flagstone print. I used black construction paper for windows. In the one tower we put our small trampoline and the kids took turns jumping inside.

The other tower was used for a game: to throw 3 stuffed witches (I got at the $ store at Halloween) into the tower and win a prize. We hung a braided yellow rope from the ceiling with a crown attached to the top and a bow at the bottom (to look like Rapunzels hair) the kids climbed to the top to retrieve the crown.

Another game was Pin the Hair on Rapunzelö, I drew a big poster of Barbie Rapunzel without her braid and made a yarn braid that the kids tried to pin in place blindfolded.

The last game was spear the dragon. I made a big poster of a dragon and cut out a heart shape on his chest. I then attached it to a plastic drop cloth and hung it in a doorway. The kids (blindfolded) took a sword and tried to spear the dragon through its heart. We also had a coloring page station and a face tattoo booth.  

After the kids had played most of the games we had cake and ice cream. I made a Wilton Barbie princess cake and used fondant tinted yellow for her hair with a braid down the cake. I decorated plastic wine glasses with craft "jewels" hot glued around them.

The party ended with the slaying of the pinata dragon. All the kids had a great time!

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