Nursery Rhyme Party

Three Pigs Party -4yr- Pass the Pig




Sherryanne in Evanston, IL USA


June 2001


Honorable Mention

Three Pigs Party for 30 Children Under $50 For my pre-kindergartner, we used pink paper to cut out a 'paper doll' style invitation of three pigs which read, "Three Pigs and One Big Bad Wolf Invite You to a Birthday Party."  Each child was greeted with the bottom half of a pink paper cup onto which we had colored two nostrils and attached a piece of elastic to go around the head.  This nose later became the goody bag. 

We took a 5 foot piece of butcher's paper and painted a dancing pig on it for Pin-the-Tail-On-The-Pig.  Used curled pink ribbons and tape for the tails.  Used a transparent kerchief draped over the head (as opposed to tied around the head) so the youngest would not be afraid.  Every participant won a piece of candy for their goody bag. 

Went straight to the table for pink cake decorated with upright pig sugar cookies and ice cream.  Sang Happy Birthday six or seven times (fast, slow, quiet, loud, in Swahilli).  Opened presents (Birthday child only gets one bite and then begins to open with a large number of attendees).  Sat the children in a circle and played 'hot potato' which we called "pass the pig" with a stuffed animal and a cassette player.  The person who had the pig when the music stopped got a piece of candy. 

Ahead of time, roped two brooms to either end of the piano bench (could use two chairs) and draped with scraps of bright fabric.  This became our puppet stage.  Used stuffed animal pigs and wolf and three small boxes with their backs removed onto which we glued straw, sticks or painted bricks before we cut large windows.  This way the audience could see inside the houses and the pigs could "peek" around the sides of the houses. 

Bought a cassette of the story and song.  Hired two 12 year olds to do the show.  Then let the audience take turns (four at a time) doing the show (The wolf puppeteer stands beside the stage, while the three pigs are behind).  Used the music from the cassette to play musical chairs, but since these were young children, only once removed a chair.  Whoever did not find a chair was given a piece of candy for the goody bag.  Had a piƱata in reserve, but did not use it.

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