Nursery Rhyme Party

Fairy Tale Party -5yr- Fairy-oke Singing




Julie in Frankfort, KY USA


June 2016 x


Special Mention

Invitation : I copied and pasted a free invitation with a princess that resembled my daughter and added Once Upon a Time Princess S turned 5. You are royally invited to follow a path of breadcrumbs, climb a beanstalk, or visit Grandma before coming to help S huff, and puff, and blow out her birthday candles at her fairy tale birthday party!   

Decorations : We had some fun with these! My husband fashioned a beanstalk out of green pool noodles and posterboard that went right through our kitchen table. We had signs for each of the fairy tale games, a princess and the pea craft we made out of two small wooden plaques and little fabric wrapped pieces of foam, a cottage style music box, and ALL of our princess plushes which were gathered from the playroom in advance. There were scattered marshmallows along the front walk with a sign that read : Follow the breadcrumbs!

The most hilarious decoration was created with my husband’s K9 German Shepherd we photographed him and put him on a Wanted poster as the Big Bad Wolf.   We also took a photo of him in a flowered shower cap and some granny glasses and put this under the Wanted sign as Known Disguises.  The other known disguises we created through Photoshop in a sheep costume and with Donald Trump hair.   

Activities/Games :

Wishing well charades kids chose a scrap of paper out of a wishing well with a fairy tale on it and had to act it out for others to guess.

Spell My Name  We had cut out the letters to spell Rumplestiltskin for kids to shuffle into the correct order.

Once Upon an Obstacle Course my daughter set up an obstacle course in the playroom using fairy tale obstacles : spotting Cinderella’s shoe in a conglomeration of toys, pulling the sword from the stone, figuring out which of 3 pillows held the pea, riding a unicorn, and figuring out which chair was just right. The object was to deliver a basket of goodies to Grandma. At the end, my other daughter was dressed in a robe, the shower cap and glasses, and there was a large photo of the police dog dressed as Grandma. The kids had to give the goodies to the right Grandma.

Fairy-oke singing karaoke while wearing fairy wings.

We also had a fairy tale themed photo booth with props created by my girls that morning. The kids had a blast! Some of them even took turns dressing up as Grandma in the obstacle course even boys!   

Party Snacks : Hansel and Gretel Find Your Way Home Mix (Chex mix and marshmallows.) Three Little Pigs Snack Mix (potato sticks, pretzel sticks, and chocolate chunks.) True Love’s First Kisses (Hershey’s Kisses.) Beanstalks (green licorice.) Baby Bear’s Oatmeal Cookies (they’re just right.) Snow White’s non poison Apple Juice and Frog Prince Punch were the drinks.   

Cake : The bottom layer was strawberry sparkle flavored and depicted fairy tale character silhouettes in purple and green buttercream. The top layer was chocolate Oreo sprinkle and frosted with pink ruffles to resemble a skirt and I made a fondant torso of a princess for my daughter holding a giant 5.   

My daughter had a blast. We still have the beanstalk impaling our table a week later. It was a cute party and everyone seemed to have a great time! Pics at http://www.bluegrassprincesses.com/create-.html

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