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Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Turtles -5yr- Party in the Sewer




Gettysburg,PA          USA


July 2004



My son was turning five and he was so excited to have a teenage mutant ninja turtles party. We started by turing our dinning room into a sewer.  We took trash bags and ripped them into sheets and hung them on the walls.  We took newspaper and crumbled it, tin cans, empty pizza boxes and put it all around the room.  We then got a rubber rat and a stuffed one and put them in the trash.  We cut circles out of construction paper and colored and marked them like manhole covers.  We got some tmnt party supplies- tablecloths, and party masks.  We then used the color scheme of light and dark green for streamers, balloons, plates and cups. 

We also happened to have one of those dancing hamsters, dressed in a karate suit and sings "Everyone was Kung Fu Fighting".  It was'nt a rat, but made a perfect Splinter.  We also cut green construction paper in a wiggley shape, for ooze.  I am okay at drawing, so I drew and cut out four turtles and shreder.  I made a banner that said "Cowabunga Victor is 5!!".  We also made a large turtle(Leanardo, his favorite)with a talking bubble that said "Hey buddy, heard it was your 5th birthday. Hope you have an awesome, radical, bodacious, rightous day, dude!!".  I printed out pictures of regular turtles and put little masks on them, cut them out and added them with some birthday confetti, for the table.  We printed out tmnt coloring pages added that with mini packs of crayons, candy and little party favors(store bought)for goody bags. For the birthday boy I added tmnt playing cards and a tmnt pre-made goody bag.         

The food was very easy, Pizza!!  WE also had green fruit punch with green ice cubes, chicken fingers, cut-up veggies and dip.  We placed the food in some of our older, dented pots and pans; keeping the sewer theme.  The cake was made to look like a pizza, we colored icing red and took shredded coconut and added some yellow food coloring for cheese.  We had red licorice wheels for peperoni. We also got gummi turtles and placed them around.  We made a personnal pan pizza for the birthday boy.  I found a pack of the four turtles in a small version and placed them around the number five candle.  I made a little sign that said "Fresh from the Sewer" and taped toothpicks on it and placed it on the big cake. We placed the cake in a pizza box. 

My son loves icecream, so I came up with this great idea we took a chocolate wafer( round, like you use for icecream sandwiches) and placed it one on a plate, took a scoop of green mint choc. Chip icecream and placed it on top of the wafer.  We put four green jellybeans for feet and one for a tail around the icecream.  We used a green jelly gumdrop for the head, so cute!!         

We played kid music and played musical chairs, balloon games and played in the yard.  We set up a tent in the backyard and spent the night.  Everyone got a flashlight. We just had family at the party.  The next morning they had a jungle breakfast and later had smores.  My son had a great time, he'll only be five once!!!

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