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Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Ninja Turtle -3yr- Green Ooze Punch




Stephanie in Abilene Texas


June 2005



 My 3 year old son is crazy about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so that will be the theme for his birthday party. We are ordering the themed paper goods from oriental trading company.

Since the TMNT's LOVE pizza, we will be hand delivering each invite in personal pan pizza boxes that we will get from a local pizza place. On the outside of the box I will have a TMNT picture that will state the event and inside the box will be a slice if pizza made out of cardboard and foam piece toppings that will list party details on the bottom of the slice. Because the turtles became ninjas by being exposed to the mysterious green ooze, I'm also going to include "green ooze syrum" (package of green koolaid)and ask that each guest drink the ooze before the party so that they mutate into ninjas for the party.

When they arrive, they will be given either a purple, blue, orange, or red strip of material to tie around their foreheads (since they have been exposed to the ooze they are now TMNT's). We will start out with some TMNT coloring sheets until all the guests arrive. For those who are not TMNT buffs we will have a brief story of TMNT history and characters with posterboard illustrations that my husband and I will draw ourselves, Then, we are off to rescue April O'Neil! Since the TMNT's live in the sewers of NYC, we are making a maze out of cardboard boxes that we will paint grey. We are painting the tops of the boxes to look like city streets and the ninja turtles (the guests) will crawl through "the sewers to rescue April from the evil Shredder".

We will also make NYC buildings out of boxes, paint them and place them around the backyard so that it looks like they are really in the sewers of NYC. We will play a form of duck, duck, goose, but it will be turtle, turtle, shredder (the turtles enemy) instead. Since our guests are between the ages of 3-5, attention spans will be short, so they will have some free time to play and "roam the streets of NYC" for a little while.

After a long day of "ninjaing" it's off to the "pizza parlor" (my back porch). On the menu of course pizza,pizza, pizza! For parents watching waistlines I am preparing a cool veggie pizza ( this is a pampered chef recipe that is yummy) and the cake will be decorated like a pizza as well. We will also serve ice cream and instead of regular cookies we will have a "decadent chocolate dessert pizza" which is a cookie pizza recipe also from Pampered Chef.

For drinks we will have "green ooze" (sherbert punch or green Hawaiian punch) For party favors we will have lots of goodies from Oriental Trading Company including TMNT masks, squirting turtles, stickers, foam throwing stars. Lots of balloons, cardboard boxes and tempra paint will make up most of the decorations so it should be a fairly inexpensive but fun party. We can't wait!

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