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Mutant Ninja Turtles

Mutant Ninja Turtle -5yr- Dress the Green Balloon




Mandy in Norman, Oklahoma USA


January 2005



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Birthday Party for a five year old.  My son came up with the idea, unfortunately they are out of style and I couldn't find party stuff for them.  So what is a parent to do, Make it. 

First we made invitations, The official TMNT web site provided pictures of each of the turtles and group pictures too.  We printed out about 25 and on each we made them into invitations and asked the kids to wear the color of their favorite color.     

We decorated the living room with pvc pipe to look like a sewer since that is where they live, we put green balloons up, and made a banner using printed out Teenage Mutant ninja turtles.  We put a black cheap table cloth on the table with green plates, on each plate we put either orange, red, blue, or purple napkins.     

Wal-Mart carries a Turtle cake so I bought it, but was planning on making one with small tmnt's on it.  We bought vanilla icecream and I let it soften, then I poured several drops of green food coloring in it to turn in completely green, then added sprinkles in it, then we refroze it, and we all drank green Hawaiian Punch.  Luckily the ninja turtles love pizza so of course we couldn't leave that out.   

For games we played dress the green balloon to look like a ninja turtle, (we gave each child a green balloon, strips of construction paper shaped like a mask, two eyes, and a mouth.  Each child decorated the balloon). 

We also played Find the Turtles, (with this game we gave each of the kids a small sack, blind folded the kids, and dumped a bag of hard colored candies on the floor, only four of the candies were green.  The kids who got the green candies won the game.   

We rented the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and had it playing in the back ground.  We made each of the kids a mask to wear out of scrap material.  We also bought small green goodie bags and filled them with red, orange, blue, purple, and green cadies and small toys.  (we couldn't find any tmnt goodie bags, but oh well, no one noticed.) 

All the kids had a blast, and so did we actually  The party was cheap, but you couldn't tell.  I spent less than $50 on the whole thing.

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