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Godzilla Movie Party -5yr- Godzilla Toy Favors




Mark in Bear, Delaware, USA


December 2009


Honorable Mention

Godzilla Monster Movie: 

INVITATIONS:  A simple GET READY TO CRUMBLE" (just like its says in the Atari Godzilla video game Godzilla Destroy All Monsters) with a picture of Godzilla destroying some fake city. 

DECORATIONS:  Simple streamers and a multitude of colors (for tablecloths napkins plates plastic ware) for all the different monsters. 

ACTIVITY 1) Make a Monster Movie using green screen effects.  Decide on the cast of monsters--Godzilla (of course) King Ghidorah Rodan Anguirus Destroyah and Megalon.  Gigan was our 7th choice we didn't need but there are much more.  Make costumes ahead of time.  Use primarily craft foam and hot glue; just don't use green foam (it won't work well if you "green screen."   Craft foam is safe can be made into anything yet cannot turn out scary.  It can certainly be formed into the unique monsters's shapes. We found a couple pre-made foam shapes useful (foam visors for head masks and foam can coolers for monster claws).  Difficult to go through all the details but feel free to see GODZILLA COSTUME photo album on Facebook. 

For Godzilla we chose to make a huge spiky tail and sew it to a black t-shirt.  In addition buy cheap t-shirts in any matching color (except green).  We did black (for Godzilla & Megalon) Red (for Rodan and/or Destroyah) purple (Destroyah) Grey (Anguirus) and yellow or gold (for King Ghidorah).  Make the green screen.  Buy bright green cloth and hang it on the wall(s) to make a "green screen" big enough for the children to stand in front of while in costume.  This is for the chromakey effect. 

Take pictures or short digital video clips of the kids in costume one at a time in front of the green screen.  Make them do cool monster fighting moves based on who they are--punch stomp roar.  Use a movie making software to simply chromakey the images onto stills of city scapes. Add monster sounds and monster music as needed and make a DVD for each of the participating families. 

ACTIVITY 2) Mothra foam craft.  Assemble pre-cut foam shapes plastic rhinestones and some short lengths of pipe cleaners and make a small Mothra. 

ACTIVITY 3) Pin the Spike on Godzilla.  Make a large cutout of Godzilla and several spike shapes.  Play just like "Pin the tail" but see how they put the spikes on. 

ACTIVITY 4) Godzilla Video Games or Movies.  Depending on the age the Godzilla video games can be made for tournaments or just plain fun.  For the Godzilla movies pick an appropriate Godzilla movie.  Son of Godzilla and King Kong vs. Godzilla are pretty safe the former being a cute one for younger kids if you simply skip to the monster scenes. 

PARTY SNACKS/FOOD:  Sushi and Japanese for the adults; typical pizza and other fun food for little kids. 

CAKE: Make a GODZILLA Shaped Cake (That is what this other mom did for my daughter's party).  She was also going to make a cake that looked like a city with a toy Godzilla stomping through it but decided on the simpler aforementioned cake which came out great.  Make the cake with a dark greyish frosting classic Godzilla color. 

FAVORS:  Affordable Godzilla themed toys are rare but anything dinosaur will do (toys stamps stickers etc).  Each family also gets a copy of the Godzilla home movie.  In addition we gave each child the aforementioned t-shirt with the phrase "Get ready to crumble" the name of the monster they portrayed in the movie and the year (all spelled out in fabric ink prior to the party)."

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