Movie Theater Party

Movie Theater Sleepover -8yr- Movie Ticket Invite




Jennifer in Castle Rock, Colorado USA


November 2008


Honorable Mention

For my sons 8th birthday this year he wanted a Movie theatre party .

So I put on my creative hat and created a invitation that was a movie ticket. The invitation read just as a movie ticket does with theatre location ( which was our house) and read  bring your sleeping bag and join me for movie food and games". He picked a 3D movie Journey to the Center of the Earth so that created for even more fun. I ordered 3d glasses to provide to all the kids.

Decorations were so much fun for this party and so CHEAP!. I went to the local theather and asked them for any supplies they would provide me with an little or no cost. they gladly handed over FOR FREE posters and concession stand products. We made some poles out of PVC pipe and lined the walkway to the door as well as a red carpet that I picked up at the local party store for like $5.00 I hung the posters up along the walk (my walk backs to my garage) and used white christmas lights to light around the posters.

Once you got down the walk and entered the front door my son was sitting there at a table (an end table that I put a table cloth over and put some star confetti all over) he collected there invitations remember they were the kids movie tickets. He gave each child a glow in the dark necklace. I got these at the dollar store they came in a four pack for a dollar and we took index cards and wrote VIP on them and attached that to the necklace and each kid received one. they also were given $5.00 in fake money  money that I printed online and placed my sons picture on. We rented a projector this was the biggest expense of the party but still cheap and had the livingroom set up so the projector would play on a large screen in the living room.

The kitchen we transformed into a concession stand. We had box candys that I got at Walgreens for a dollar a piece. We had popcorn hot dogs and pizza. I used christmas boxes ( the small shirt boxes ) and decorated them with scenes from the movie and the kids placed their concession stand items in the boxes that we called their meal deals. The kids purchased the meals with the money they were given when they first arrived. We played a cartoon on the projector as the kids ate there concession stand food. Then we played games.

Twister Freeze dance bean bag toss races bingo hidden go seeketc. In the middle of a hidden seek game I got all the kids to hide from my son and jump out and suprise him singing happy birthday and passed out cupcakes for a late night snack. Then we got them all in there sleeping bags and played the 3D movie show until they fell asleep. When the boys got up in the morning they had donuts and played football outside which gave me a chance to roll up there sleeping bags and get them ready to go home. I had 10 boys spend the night and ALL of them said they had an amzazing time. Quotes of the party "mom it looked like a real theatre!"  "best party".

At this age grab bags are not a neccesity we gave out posters to the kids who won games and also did a jar full of candy that said guess how many and the winner got the jar. I did small bags with a bag of microwave popcorn and 3d glasses along with techdecks (finger skateboards) all kids could have a poster too if they wanted any.. I had tons that the theatre gave me.Parents said how amazig everything looked and said there children couldn't stop talking how cool it was. My son was very happy and me too.. this was the cheapest party to date.  One suggestion in the future would to have the kids arrive in there PJ's. getting them all dressed for bed was a the only chore of the night.:) "

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