Movie Theater Party

Movie at Home -5yr- Play Money to buy Snacks




O'Hara in Elbridge, New York USA


January 2001


Honorable Mention

Movie Theatre at home.  For my daughters 5th birthday, she wanted to go the movies.  We couldn't afford to take everyone so, we had a home movie theatre party.  We purchased the latest Disney movie out on video (part of her present). 

The invitations were tickets that we printed off the computer stating "admit one", Now Showing at __________'s Birthday Theatre, "Tarzan", Show time will be at: _______ on _______.  For the party we transformed our family room into a theatre with t.v. front and center and enough seats for everyone.  When the guests arrived, we played movie related games including "pin the popcorn in the bucket" (a posterboard shaped like a popcorn bucket and kernel shaped stickers that I made on the computer & printed out on labels). 

After each game, the children received "Birthday Girl" Money (play money that I made on the computer with her picture on each dollar - printed on green paper)  The money was stored in their wallets (construction paper wallets which included a pretend license w/each guests picture in them).  Following the games, the children went to the ticket booth (a small table set up in a closet w/poster hanging over it printed with the movie theatre name and the showing time).  My daughter got a big kick out of playing "ticket master". 

Each child used their play money to buy their movie tickets.  They then moved into the Kitchen which was set up like a concession stand.  They got a chance to buy popcorn (found popcorn buckets at local bulk store), soda, and candy bars.  They paid with their play money and received chocolate coin change.  When everyone had all their goodies - they went to the theatre to watch the movie. 

For a cake I made a 9x13 cake and cut it in the shape of a popcorn bucket and decorated it accordingly w/real popcorn coming out the top. 

Favors were white paperbags decorated like popcorn buckets w/microwave popcorn, chocolate coins, Tarzan stickers etc. inside. This party was a huge success for very little money!  The kids just loved pretending to spend their play money!

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