Movie Theater Party

Movie Theme -12yr- Popcorn in Brown Bags




Kayla in Short Hills, NJ USA


May 2005


Honorable Mention

For my 12th birthday party I chose a movie theme. INVITATIONS: These can be simple. Just type; You're Invited to _________'s Birthday Movie Bash at the __________ theatre at the _________ residence at ___________ from _______ to ______. (The party lasts four hours)To R.S.V.P contact __________ at ______-__________ before ____/____/_______. Please come for an afternoon of a movies, games, and trivia. BUDGET: $75 PREPERATIONS: A week ahead: Call your local bakery for a cake, Once you know the FINAL guest check go to your local supermarket to purchase the following things: A large bag of popcorn (bigger for more guests), Carbonated Drinks (Sprite, Coke, etc.), and Juiceboxes (Enough for about two per person.) The day before your party: Check the weather, and pick up your
cake. Find fake money (from Monopoly,Life etc.) for each person. 4 HOURS

PRIOR TO PARTY: If it is sunny take out a table to set in front of your house. Type a sign that states the name of your theatre, and the movie viewing. Tape that to the front of your table. Take regular envelopes and place $25 (fake money) and a movie ticket (made on the computer) in the envelope. Tape and write the name of one guest on each envelope. Now take another table for your concessions into the hallway near the room where you are viewing the movie. Make sure it is out of the walkway.

Take regular brown paper lunch bags and fill enough for each guest with popcorn. Divide your guest list in half and fill that many more bags. Next to it place the juiceboxes (ONLY). Tape a sign saying $3 for popcorn and $2 for drink on the table (in view). Keep a little box with change (same as the play money) to give your guests change. 

ONE HOUR PRIOR TO PARTY: Place cushions and such on the ground of the movie room. Print out pictures of various movie stars (enough for everyone and you) and take safety pins and fasten them on the top of the picture.

15 MINUTES PRIOR TO PARTY: Go outside and wait for guests.

WHEN THE GUESTS ARRIVE:  Let them come to the table and give them their envelope and explain spending money and their ticket. One (or two) at a time usher them into your house ,but away from the room. Let them chat their until everyone arrives.

ONCE EVERYONE IS THERE: When everyone is their ask a sibling or parent to take the tickets from each kid. Then usher them over to the concession stand and let them purchase their snacks. Then go into the room close the door and window blinds and stand in front of the television and thank them for attending. Tell them that at the middle you will pause the movie and they can purchase more snacks. Press play and begin the movie.

AFTER THE MOVIE: Take them to where you will be eating your cake and pizza and stand behind the end of the table and let your guests come around and purchase their food and drinks. (Sodas and leftover juice boxes. Then serve your cake (FREE to guests) and let them finish eat. Let them stay and mingle while you return to the movie viewing room to clean it if it needs cleaning. Then bring your guests back to your room and play a game like Shout About Movies.

Then take out the pictures and everyone gets into partners (or 3's) and give each person a picture. Let them safety pin it to their partners shirt. Then walk around asking yes or no questions about their person. After about 10 minutes call everyone to sit down. Then one by one let them guess who they have and remove the picture from their backs. If you still have time take out board games and let everyone play until parents arrive. Then hand out goody bags and ask them to return their play money. Once again thank them from coming.

THANK YOU'S: Simple and easy. Like you did for the invitations type them ,but try to personalize them and add the gift they brought.

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