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Movie Night Party -10yr- Glamour Glasses




Maria in Whittier,CA., U.S.A.


August 2006


Honorable Mention

10th birthday Movie Night Sleep-over I had a Movie night sleep over for my Daughter Alyssa's 10th birthday this August '06.  We already had the invitations in the shape of popcorn bags already purchased from Target about a year ago, so we just added clip art of a girl in a sleeping bag and a movie reel. I also made a ticket which was to be brought to enter the party("theatre"), it said "Admit one to Alyssa's 10th birthday movie sleep over" then I put numbers on it, which was her birthdate.

I also made dollars that said "Alyssa Dollars" with her face scanned in the oval center. The dollars were given out when the guests entered with their "ticket". We decorated the front walk with a red plastic tablecloth, which represented "the red carpet" and put foil gold star balloons on each side. Inside we moved the sofa's together to get a cozy feeling.  We put up lots of movie night cut outs and more balloons.

As the girls(7)arrived they were given their "Alyssa dollars"(10) to purchase goodies from a homemade concession stand (a 2-shelf bookcase). As the girls arrived they were led to a table that was covered in a movie themed plastic tablecloth with a candlelabra at center and a red feather boa snaked through it, we sprinkled movie clapboard confetti around and added a couple of flower shaped mirrors,

There they were to do an activity we called "glamour glasses" , I bought black plastic glasses and some beads, stars, pom poms,wiggling eyes and feathers from the boas to decorate with. Another of the favors were feather boas, I purchaed from ebay. Once all done the girls wore their glasses and boas and struted around like movie stars doing skits or singing. We have a raised entrance way where the girls took turns performing with an inflatable microphone and guitar. It was so funny.

For food it was so obvious to have theatre fare. There was nachos, hotdogs, soda, bon bons, candy and popcorn(with popcorn bags from OT), which could be purchased with their "dollars". I asked the theatre for a few of the boxes they use, which we used to put their food in. Then it was movie time, they settled down and watched two movies. Until I went upstairs and left them to their own fun.

For party(gift)bags, I purchased these cute boxes with popcorn detailing on them from (hometheatre.com), so cute, At the bottom i filled with red shredded paper, then topped it with a small wooded clapboard photo keychain, washable tattoo marker, gummy candy shaped as pizza, soda bottle, hotdog etc, fundip, a jumbo box of movie candy like goobers, milk duds,or mike and ike, body jewels, bag of cookies,and a popper.

I then wrapped it up in clear cellophane paper and tied with red,gold and black curling ribbon and added a small air-filled gold foil star-shaped balloon on a stick in the center of the tie. In the morning as the girls awoke one by one, we had a movie star brunch with waffles,strawberries and whipped cream, bacon and eggs, Oj(mimosa's w/o the bubbly),in champagne glasses. And after that as they left one by one they were given their gift boxes to go. The girls had alot of fun. One mom, took many pictures to enter the party for party of the year, in the disney magazine. I hope our party gives you ideas to build on. I know reading BPI.com has given me lots of ideas for my daughters last three b-days.  Happy planning! ME

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