Movie Theater Party

Movie Srar Theme -8yr- Bath Favors




Kimberly in Temple Terrace, Florida, United States


July 2004


Special Mention

Movie Star Theme Party- 8 year old.  We had just finished remoldeling our daughters bed
room as a movie theatre.  We had painting her room light blue w/ a dark blue ragged onto the walls and painted yellow stars, suns, and moons on the ceiling.  Over the top of the yellow stars we added glow in the dark paint so they would glow at night.  We went on e-bay and found a DVD surround sound system for cheap, an LCD projector, and a pull down screen.  We took out my daughters closet doors and mounted the screen just inside the closet so the closet trim would frame the screen.  We then built a stage coming out from her closet and added a hardwood floor, complete with white rope lights around bottom of stage.  I made dark blue curtains to pull closed for the big productions.  I also found some movie posters and hung them and put signs above saying now showing and coming soon. 

Then I added clap boards and movie reels, ect. to decorate the walls.  My husband completed the room with cutting out the center part of her door and adding plexiglass and a shelf for a pretend ticket window.  (I also have a 2 yr old so it keeps him out and I can see what the girls are up to).   Back to the party. 

I sent out invitations that I made with the schedule of events listed.  I also included fake money and a movie ticket.  I explained to bring their movie ticket for admittance into the movie theatre and their fake money to purchase their junk food for the movie.  As the girls arrived they came down the red carpet sidewalk that I had layed out from a roll of red plastic table cloth cover.

 As they got to the end I put a feather boa on them, hollywood style glitter sunglasses, a ring, crowned them with a crown, star septor, and gave them a fake plastic trophy.  I then took their picture.  The girls got to keep the glasses, crown, ring, septor, and trophy.  I took the photos and put them into a small clapboard photo keychain I got for each of them.  Then I made every girl an autograph book and the front cover read "Autographs" in big letters and then at the bottom it said "Autographs of memorable people from Erin's 8th birthday party". 

The girls then took them around and got everyones autographs as if they were poperatzie.  While the parents were mingling and getting the food ready the girls were playing dress-up in the bedroom.  We ate dinner which included hot dogs, ect. After dinner we continued by getting the girls to make their handprints in plaster of paris and adding jewels.  I used tin cake pans for molds and they were done in 1/2 hour.  I then used a permanent marker and wrote their name and date on it (This was supposed to be like the hollywood walk of fame)  the girls like this alot.  Then we did cake and opened gifts.  After the parents went home the girls and I made lip gloss. 

Then the girls continued to play dress-up and I set up the "snack bar".  This included popcorn that I had put in individual popcorn bags, a wide aray of candy bars (limit one), and some sweet tart type candy.  I then called the girls in and they used their money that I had mailed them and purchased their concession food.

Then they went down the hall and my daughter took their movie ticket that I had sent them in the mail so that they could be admitted into the movie theatre and we started the movie.  I then went into the kitchen and made them all strawberry smoothies and put them into fancy glasses that I saved from when we had went on a cruise eailier this summer.  I added a slice of orange, a cherry, topped with a umbrella toothpick.  The girls then got to take the glasses home.  After the movie the girls found places to sleep and went to sleep. 

The next morning after clean up and a light break fast the girls did a show for me.  I sent the girls home with a "relaxation" party favor which included a baggy of dry bath salts, some fancy shaped soap and a scrubby- all of which I purchased at the dollar store.  The party was a hit and was less expensive than going to a public place and renting the facility and I'm sure the girls had more fun and got to spend quality time togeather using their imagination.  As far as her bedroom this was a work in progress over a period of time and something she can adapt as she gets older because it is really cool and even the local teenagers want their rooms like this.  The birthday party idea was a way to kiick off her bedroom.

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