Movie Theater Party

Movie Party -7yr- Concession Stand




Steve in Overland Park, Kansas-USA


December 2001


Special Mention

Movie Party  Our son wanted to have a movie party with his friends from school for his 7th birthday.  Not wanting to single any child out we wanted to invite all the children from our son's class (19 children).  When we thought about the cost of taking all these children to the theatre to see a movie we decided to improvise and have our own theatre at home.  We blocked off an area in our garage with curtains.  We placed our largest TV and VCR on a desk (which we covered with a black tablecloth so as to not see the desk) at the center of one wall. We then placed various chairs in front of the TV. 

We placed rope lights down the "center aisle" of the chairs to appear like the step lights at a real movie theatre.  We also placed a low wattage bulb in our garage light to give the "dim" appearance as children entered the "theatre".  On a large picture window in our living room we placed a large piece of poster board with the words "Now Showing" and our movie title.  We made a border around the posterboard by sticking Christmas lights through the back to the front.  The sign then appeared like a lit marquee sign. 

When the children arrived we gave each of them a necklace made out of black yarn and silver stars.  Each star had the child's name on it. This made it easier for us to identify children while at the party.  The children then proceeded to the concession stand (a table set up in the kitchen).  There they received popcorn (popped at home to save money) served in real popcorn bags (we found a box of 350 at Sam's Club for $5.00), soda and gummie candies.  They took all of there goodies to the theatre (which being in the garage eliminated any spills on the carpet) and prepared to watch the movie. 

Our oldest son helped by staying in the "theatre" with the children.  He kept a flashlight on hand and helped children who needed to go to the bathroom and also helped to keep kids attention on the movie.  He really enjoyed being the usher.  While kids where watching the movie we tore down the concession stand and got there take home goody bags set out. We also placed several candy bars out on the table. 

These served as cake.  We felt they were less messy than cake and went with the movie theme a little better.  When the movie was over each child chose one candy bar and had there soda cup refilled (we also had a bathroom break).  The children ate their candy and socialized and then we opened gifts. 

When the party was over each child was given a goody bag as they were leaving (we did not want children to loose items out of there bag before they went home).  Each goody bag was made out of a popcorn bag and had the child's name on the front.  Inside each bag was a cartoon movie (found at the dollar store for one dollar a piece) and some small candies.  The children were very pleased with their party favors.   

The party went very smoothly.  Since children were in the "theatre" for an hour and a half watching the movie it gave us some down time to clean up and prepare for the next step of the party.  I also believe it gave the kids a grown-up feeling to be on there own (so to speak).  Our son really enjoyed the party and many parents have given us positive feedback on it.

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