Movie Theater Party

Movie Night Party -6yr- The Movie Room




Molly in Old Greenwich, CT


December 2001


Honorable Mention

For my child's 6th birthday party, we had a MOVIE NIGHT party at home.

INVITATION: For the invitation: you will need play wallets (available at the dollar store),3 pieces of construction paper, and fake money. On the first piece of construction paper, cut out a cylinder and color on red and white stripes. Then, on the second piece of construction paper, cut out a shape that is flat on the bottom, but wavy on the top, then color it yellow for the popcorn. Glue that onto the first piece and you have a popcorn holder.

Then, on the holder, write the following information: Please come to a movie premier of (movie title) showing at (child's name) theater on (address) at (time) on (date). Please bring your wallet with you to the Party. Then, fold this up and put it in the wallet. With the last piece of construction paper, cut out a ticket shape and write ADMIT ONE on it, along with the ticket number. Put this in the wallet as well. Then, finally, put in $5.00 of fake money in the wallet. Put the wallet inside a package and ship them off.

DECORATIONS: The first thing I did for the decorations was prepare the movie room. First, I cleared out all the tables, couches, and chairs into the basement. From the local party store, I rented 15 chairs, enough to seat the guests. I changed all the light bulbs in the party room to black lights to create the glowing affect. For the "isle", I made two sections of the chairs, leaving about 2-3 feet in between.

On each side of the isle, I laid down white Christmas lights, to make it look just like a movie theater. Then, I covered the bookshelves with black cloth, so you wouldn't notice them. The room across from the living room, the kitchen, was the concession stand. I covered it with "film" table cloth. Then, the main entry was the ticket booth. The booth was simply a table. I made a cardboard separator with a speaking hole to make it look more traditional.

ACTIVITIES: When the guests arrived, I collected their tickets, and formed a line at the concession stand. When they were all here, one by one they collected their food with their fake money and chose a seat in the theater. The main activity of the party was the movie, but after that was over, the kids saw some characters from the movie in real life, which was really my husband and sister dressed up.

FOOD: The concession stand food was popcorn, soda, and gummy bear candy, but after the movie we had pizza and cake. For the cake, I made a wavy line shape to look like a film roll. I decorated it with frosting to match the real colors. 

FAVORS: For the party favors, the kids each got a pass for one movie at the local cinema (for a good deal - I got $3 each for a child and adult - pretty good). This party was a hit.

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