Cupcake Party

Monster's Inc. -6yr- Musical Doors




Lynn in Brooklyn, New York


Dec 2002


Honorable Mention

We had a Monsters Inc. party for our son's 6th birthday.  On our front door we posted a sign that said, "Monster's Inc. Headquarters, all employees must wear I.D. tags".  As the children came into the house, they were given I.D. tags that were bought at an office supply store.  The tags had the Monsters Inc. logo with the child's name printed on them.  The children gathered in the living room  where an agenda for the party was put on a wipe off board with the Monsters Inc. logo and all the activities we would do listed. I read them a monster story to get them in the mood ( Glad Monster, Sad Monster by Ed Emberley is a good one). 

We then went into the dining room where I had an art project set up for the kids.  I cut out monster shapes out of white oak tag and had markers, crayons and collage materials for the kids to use to make their own monsters.  When they were done I took a Polaroid picture of each child with their monsters and asked them to tell me their monster's name and favorite food.  The Polaroid pictures and info were put together to make a story book that was read at the end of the party. 

After the craft we went down to our basement playroom for musical games.  On the door to the basement there was a sign that called for an I.D. checkpoint, so I asked the kids to show me their tags before passing. 

We then played "Musical Doors."  In the movie, monsters jumped in and out of doors to scare kids, so I had cut out pieces of white oaktag that I decorated like doors, one for each child, which I taped to the floor. I played the Sesame Street song "Monster in the Mirror" as the kids walked around the room and when the music stopped, they jumped on a door, we then took one door away and so on. 

We had pizza, played pin the body part on the monster, and I had Monster's Inc. toys to play with.  Instead of a cake, I made cupcakes and had monster finger puppets on top of each one, which the kids loved.  I then read the story book with the Polaroid shots of the kids and the monster info and gave out goody bags. 

In the bags with the usual candy and stickers I enclosed a "Make your own mini-monster kit" with a small monster shape cut out of oaktag, googly eyes from a craft store, a glue stick, and a party pack of crayolas bought at a party store.  The kids all had a great time and still talk about our fun day.

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