Cupcake Party

Monster's Inc. -8yr- Eyeball Spoon Race




Teresa in Atlanta, GA USA


Dec 2002



Monster's, Inc party: Since the premise of the movie is about scaring kids after they go to sleep, we thought we'd go from the kid's point of view.  We had a co-ed PAJAMA PARTY for my 8 year old girl on a Friday after school.  I had all day to get ready for the party while the kids were at school, which was so much easier than a Sat. afternoon!  As an icebreaker, we made the MIKE PINS from the Jan 2002 idea.  I couldn't find cardboard coasters, so I got a roll of cork and cut circles, which I painted green.  I found self-adhesive pin backs, which were much easier than glue. 

Our first game was an EYEBALL SPOON RACE using ping pong balls with eyes drawn on.  They were cheap, so everyone got one to take home too.  The kids wanted the extra challenge of holding the spoons in their mouths.  We were indoors, but the race was still a riot! 

Then, keeping with the pajama theme, we had a SLEEPING BAG RACE, done just like a sack race!  That was even more fun--everyone wanted to race again!  Note:  we only had Barbie sleeping bags, and the boys wouldn't go anywhere near them.  They sat out the race! 

Finally, we used a white sheet as a background, laid it on the floor, and had the kids lie down with their hair standing straight up and took FRIGHT PICTURES!

We are using the pix for the thank you notes. I ordered GLOW NECKLACES from Oriental trading to give the kids after it got dark and we ate dinner and cake with the lights dimmed way low.

And for the cake, I made MIKE'S TEDDY BEAR.  It took 2 boxes of cake mix, using a 9x13 cake for the body after I cut off 6 rectangles for the 2 arms and 4 legs.  I used an 8 inch round cake for the head, frosted it with chocolate and added one big eye with white and black frosting.  It looked great and there was plenty of cake!

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