Cupcake Party

Monster Inc.-2yr- Real Boo's Door Entrance




Cynthia in Laredo, Texas


August 2004



For my nephew's 2nd Birthday Party the theme was Monster's Inc. It was held at a little reception party place called Dream Parties.

For decorations I went wild with my imagination. At the entrance I placed a real door that we purchased at Home Depot, it was already white so we just painted on the flowers like Boo's door so it wood look more original and we also placed a red light that we purchased from Oriental Trading at the top for the active door, on the side of the door we placed Sulley and Mike made out of foam looking out of the door and it read Welcome to Marky's 2nd Birthday Party!

From the entrance to the Cake table I placed Sulley's and Mike's footprints all over the reception area, Sulley's feet were made out of Turquiose posterboard and Mike's feet were made out of Lime green posterboard. The tables were covered with round Turquiose tablecovers and a lime green square on top to give it a more sophisticated look.

For Centerpieces I purchased the Baby Sulley and Baby Mike plush dolls from the Disney Store and placed 2 per table along with a Monster's Inc. mylar balloons and three helium balloons. We had a Randall made out of Foam and placed it near a yellow balloon pillar making it look like a scream tank.

We had several balloon pillars and 2 Balloon arches. We had Sulley and Mike take care of the Party, they played games with the children, danced children songs and gave away prizes which were all Monster's Inc. original items.

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