Cupcake Party

Monsters Inc. Party - Pin The Eye on Monster




Melanie in Riverside, CA. USA


January 2002



My daughter wanted to have a Monsters Inc. Birthday party. 

So my husband and I got on the computer and started looking for pictures, we found a good one and used it for her invitation.  It was with 2 of the monsters talking, so we copy and pasted it.  We then added a cartoon bubble coming from one of the monsters.  We put a personal touch to it, it read: Hey (name of monster), are you excited that (so and so) is invited to (so and so's) birthday party?  Then on the inside gave the date and time. We then made our own pinata, of one of the monsters. I had made on the computer window clings of monsters inc. and put them throughout the house.

The day of the party I set the kids table with the Monsters Inc. tablecloth, plates, napkins, and party hat.  I made Monsters in a blanket(pigs), and pizzas.  But before the kids could eat, they had a mission to stick the eye back on the monster (we painted a picture of one of the monsters), each child won a monster key chain and the winner got a Monsters inc. grab bag (can get at Toys r us). 

After their mission was accomplished, in my living room I filled the floor with balloons, and the ceiling with balloons.  The balloons on the floor had monsters inc. figures in them, but some balloons were empty, their next mission was to stomp out the monsters, and keep the figures. It was a BLAST!  Then they were able to eat.  After they were finished it was pinata time. 

Then we went inside and put the candy in the pre-made loot bags and it was time for cake.  I had ordered a Monsters inc. cake that I got from a local bakery, it was very cute.  And after everyone was done it was present time.  But ALL the kids loved the theme, the boys liked it too.

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