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Disneyland Party -3yr- Tiki Room Patio




Misty in Ventura county, Ca USA


August 2011


Honorable Mention

For my daughters 3rd birthday, we decided to go with a Disneyland theme!! 

INVITATIONS: I started off by creating my own Disneyland ticket by picking a cute picture of a castle or characters I got off the internet, and cutting them down to size and shape of an actual ticket. On the back I typed in red ink as if it was their rules and regulations, but instead I put the invitation info such as magical kingdoms address, and to join mickey and friends at 1pm and etc. - then had them laminated for keepsake. They came out very realistic!!!

DECORATIONS: For decorations I hand drew and painted on posterboards many characters. One was a Mickey Mouse with arms extended, which I placed in the front yard against a tree, then taped a few multi color helium balloons on strings, as if he was holding them. Then I made a huge cut-out of a replica sign that said, " Welcome to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth", and had that taped on the garage door upon entering the backyard through side gate. As you walked down the side of the house, I used more poster boards and drew buildings from Main street, which led them to back yard. Decorations I had back there were as many as I could think of that I could use with whats already back there that would  relate.

I put a pluto sign on a dog house, a chip n dales tree house sign on our jungle gym. In our patio area I used all my old decorations from a previous luau party and made a "tiki room", which had flowers and birds hanging everywhere and grass skirts around tables and that's where I put lots the stereo, which played music from every part of the park from small world to space mountain tiki room main street and etc. I found The disneyland cd on amazon.com. For more decorations I drew the chesire cat. I put him in our tree where I also drew an alice - all on posterboards, and had her against tree where I set up a table and put all my daughter's tea cup sets for the kids to play!

I made another drawing of Sleeping Beauty's witch and put her inside a window facing the backyard as if she was watching everyone. I had purchased at a disney outlet the full size princess cut-out boards and placed them throughout the yard for kids to take pictures with. I rented a few tables and chairs and each had its own theme, which I decorated with old party and holiday decorations, such as the haunted mansion.  It had a black table cloth with spooky decorations inculding, a talking head in a crystal ball, all from my halloween decorations. 

Then there was Pirates of the Caribbean table, where I spray painted rocks from my yard gold and placed them in a pirates hat on a table along with pirate masks and toys for the kids. I had a princess table that I put crowns on for kids to wear and made it all girly with pink tablecloth. I also had a Mickey table, which had a red table cloth and mickey ear headbands. Each table also had balloons relating to its theme -  from a pirate head, princesses, Mickey and Mini, and halloween spooky ones! 

ACTIVITIES: I rented a disney castle jolly jumper with a huge slide that kept kids entertained!

FOOD: For food I just served typical disneyland food; pizza and hot dogs!! I had a castle pinata and the bags were actually from disneyland.

FAVORS:I made a trip to disneyland a few months prior and bought multiple swirl disneyland lollipops and had them give me a bag for each, that way the kids can take home goodies in a actual souviner bag! I had went to $1 store on stocked up on anything disney to put in there disneyland goody bags which I placed 1 large lollipop in each.

CAKE: For cake I bought the castle making kit from my local crafts store and made it myself duplicating disneylands castle and placed a plastic minatures mickey and mini mouse toy at door of it. I made multiple cupcakes and bought disney characters confetti which were large enough for me to glue each one to a toothpick and placed in cupcake and had all the character cupcakes surround castle cake and above cake I hung a huge tinkerbell from a ceiling fan as if it were flying over! I also finished off decorations by placing multiple colorful helium balloons everywhere.

COSTUMES: My daughter dressed as mini mouse but stated on invitation/ ticket was to dress as favorite character or fav. Disneyland attire!! The adults loved this and came as tourists!! Kids got very creative as well!  All my decorations came from $1 store or party city but most were homemade! A lot easier and cheaper buying posterboards and making what you want. It just takes time and creativity!! After all there's so much to choose from at Disneyland! All kids were sent home with their own star shaped mini personal pinata with a picture of my daughter and a character on it! It was a blast and definitely the happiest place on earth that day!!! "

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