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Disneyworld At Home -6yr- Home Made Tea Cup




Cathy in Springfield, MO USA


August 2010


Special Mention

My twin sons were turning 6, and wanted to go to Disneyworld for their Birthday. Since that wasn't a possibility, we brought Disneyworld to them!!  

Invitations: I went on the Disboards and asked a Designer" to get me a picture of the castle with Mickey balloons floating around it (like their commercials). They do this for free! It said "Celebrate the Magic of "names" 6th Birthday! I downloaded a Disney font called waltograph for free. Inside it said Come help Mickey and his friends celebrate with names. Take a walk down Main Street USA tour Cinderella's Castle take a spin in a teacup and dine at Chef Mickeys! It had all the party details and said to contact their travel agent (me) for reservations. The address was "our Magic Kingdom" with our address.  

Cake: I made a large round and two small round cakes. I iced them with chocolate and arranged them like Mickey's head. Since they were twins I put 6 star-shaped candles on each "ear" for them to blow out. On the larger circle I put Mickey figurines I found at the Disney store. I also made cupcakes with star sprinkles and Mickey picks. 

Decorations: I created the Magic Kingdom in my backyard. I called appliance stores and had them save me refrigerator boxes for several weeks before the party. I created the castle using 8 boxes to where the kids could crawl through it. You can Google for free plans. My husband (a true genius!) made a spinning teacup ride kind of like a merry-go-round. He used a swivel office chair for the main mechanism and plywood. He used window well covers (thick grey half circles) to create the cup and put casters on the bottom of the plywood. He even put a cardboard "handle" on the side for effect. It actually worked and the kids loved being spun around and around in it!!

I used another refrigerator box cut open with two of the panels in the back and one on each side as walls and created the Enchanted Tiki Room. From the dollar store I got a big Tiki mural little tiki cutouts parrot lights and other typical Luau decorations. I had a CD of the Tiki room song playing behind the walls. It was adorable. Also using boxes I created some stores from Main Street USA. I had the Emporium Goofy's Candy Co. Pin Traders and Le Chapeau and each kid was given some play money I printed off (also from the disboards) to buy things. At the Emporium I had little Disney themed toys and books I got at Target's dollar spot for 50 cents each that they could buy.

 At Pin Traders I got a huge lot of actual Disney trading pins off eBay for less that a dollar a piece. I made lanyards out of cheap red grosgrain ribbon and put a few pins on each one. This doubled as an activity as they traded pins throughout the party. For Goofy's candy I got a sheet of Rice Krispy treats from the bakery at Dillons and used a Mickey head cookie cutter to cut them out. I put them on a sucker stick wrapped in plastic with a ribbon. They were so cute. I had planned to dip them in chocolate like at DW but it was so hot I figured they would make a big mess.

And finally at Le Chapeau I made Mickey ears for each child. I used black plastic bowls and plates from the dollar store. I turned the bowl upside down and trimmed the ridge off. Using real Mickey ears for a pattern I cut out ears from the plates and used my scrapbooking rivets to attach them to the hat. I then put some elastic cord on them. They turned out fabulously! I also had a 3 foot tall Mickey pinata I found at Food for less. I have the four parks one world CD and played it throughout the party. 

Favors: The favor bags were actual bags from Disneyworld (saved from a previous trip) for them to keep their goods in and also the pinata stuff. The pinata was filled with stickers confetti lots of candy and small Disney themed toys/party favors.  Party Snacks/Food: Dinner was at Chef Mickey's! I bought some very realistic costumes off eBay and Mickey Minnie Donald and Daisy visited the tables for hugs and pictures. My teenage son and his friends were kind enough to play the parts. THIS WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE PARTY!! It was a bit expensive but I am planning to resell them or maybe rent them out to recoup some of the costs. And it was definitely worth it!! This was an awesome party!!!"

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